Covers - Semi Charmed Life, Across the Universe, Roobaroo, Sarki yeh Pahar

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    HI guys...I was requested by many people to have a soundclick I have uploaded a bunch of my recordings...PLease listen to them and tell me how I rate as a solo performer....remember it's just me and the guitar fancy bass lines and all:) it's pretty bland...still good to hear I hope.

    Here's a list of songs at my page:

    Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind Cover
    Across The Universe - Beatles/Rufus Wainwright Cover
    Roobaroo - Rang de Basanti
    Sarki yeh Pahar - Strings Cover
    Ishtihaar - Rabbi's only asmall piece but I found it woth posting...full song coming soon.

    More songs on the way....

    Motorcycle Driveby - Third Eye Blind Cover
    More Than Words - Extreme Cover

    I will reccomend listening at Across the Universe and Semi Charmed Life First...:) r also do check out...:)

    My Soundclick Page

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