Cover of beeten lamhein from--- THE TRAIN

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  1. eerie_era

    eerie_era New Member

    Hey ppl...

    I recently heard dis song.. and as soon as i heard it i thought of it as an amazing song. So i decided to make a cover of it..
    I have only heard dis song a couple of times soo not xactly sure of any minor elements going wrong.. anyways heres da song and plz comment on it..

    heres da link.. njoy and plz tell me about it..

    waitin for comments.. :) :) :)
  2. eerie_era

    eerie_era New Member

    hey cmmon ppl... i nneeedd ur comments.. its my first audio postin.. so definetly need sum comments...
  3. eerie_era

    eerie_era New Member

    whts da use of postin audio recordins wen noone is bothered to comment...sheeshhh
  4. heyjoe12

    heyjoe12 New Member

    Hi...Can't hear much...the recording's pretty poor, but I think you have good vocals. keep posting!

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