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    "Over the Mountain"
    3/4 Time Key of G

    G C
    I'm always lighthearted and easy,
    G D
    Not a care in this world have I,
    G C
    Because I am loved by somebody,
    G D G
    Who's sitting home waiting for me.


    C G
    She's over, just over the mountains,
    Where the little birds sing on the trees,
    G C
    In a cabin all covered in ivy,
    G D G
    somebody is waiting for me.

    She lives far away on the mountains,
    Where the little birds sings on the trees,
    And the cabin's all covered in ivy,
    And somebody is waiting for me.

    This one i found in a old country song book best thing is that the combination of words when sung with the chords resonates like Am and the hummm sound of Kishore Kumar the difference here is voice dosent plays a dominant part some thing ike what happens when u sing "Yaroon dosty" by K.K the first line with the Gadd5 major chord no matter how horse ur voice is it sound ok so is this one.....i think this kind of effect is best to malke some thng singable(on ever comman man lips )...ya all if u get time do listen to shakiras "Russian or some other" though the song is in some faluuda kind language but all in all sound is great..
    this all should be in this forum or not ....??
    take care

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