cost of electric guitars here in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by hidden_spectre, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. hidden_spectre

    hidden_spectre New Member

    Hi, Ppl i juz wanna know whts the cost of electric guitars here in Pakistan, starting from the cheapest guys. And are 2nd hands available
  2. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    They r cheap here...

    Hi dear!

    The price of guitar (Electic Bass and Lead) is very cheap here. You can even buy a lead guitar in Rs/13000 with out amplifiers and speakers and complete set is near about 17000/=.

    But now a days soe Indonasian Guitar a also available here with complete package. They are of Rs 22000/=, But they are vey good in qualitu. You can even use it professionally....
  3. anuranjan

    anuranjan New Member

    god u guyz r really rich........... i mean i got mine for 6000rs................
  4. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    ha NADISH! budy which guitar u r talking about and which company u r talking about, tell me the details of that guitars, and also the place from where can u buy it???

    aburanjan~~~~~~~~~~buddy where e u from :|?? india?
    wht r u talking u got a electric guitar @ 6000 rs. only
    well let me add somethings here, in pakistan you can get teh electric guitar bt only 4000-5000 but they are local made guitars, never tried them so cant say anyhitng, but they are preety common here.
  5. adnanshakil

    adnanshakil New Member

    Hey guys, I think local guitars actually ruin your hand and your technique so I think whatever you go for just check it first.. Can you guyz tell me where I can get an Ibanez 520 or 570 in Pakistan..
  6. timberwolf224

    timberwolf224 New Member

    Hi guys yeah
    I need a electric to basically dont have enuff budget but in Karachi u can get the china made leads from the Al karam market Lallo khet #10 around 6000 or 7000 they r like normal in quality typical for beginners I am probably looking to get one too actually
  7. shak

    shak Harrr!

    i dont live in pakistan anymore but when i did i remember i got my ovation from sadar...opposite the mobile market(bismillah market) there is a video game shop..on the second floor of the video game shop there is a pretty nice guitar shop (i happened to meet gumby there once!) that shop is run by two brothers with very strange names (cant remember them now).they have pretty nice collection of cheap as well as high end imported guitars..they also have a branch in lahore in islamabad do check them out..and there are 3 more shops in sadar and 2 at nursery..let me know if you want thier address i'll PM you...have a happy guitar hunting!!....and yeah you can get a half decent guitar for 6000rs...i remember i saw a kapok thin body elctro/accoustic ( a very god one indeed) for 5500rs in sadar....!
  8. adnanshakil

    adnanshakil New Member

    Can you give me their address Shahrukh.. can you do it fast.. cuz I am leaving Pakistan in 5 days. Hey timber, I know the place at Alkaram, I even know the shopkeepers over there.. just be careful what you get from over there.. just check the whole notation before you get anything.. I mean notation on a guitar tuner..
  9. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Thread in wrong forum, should be in Guitar Gear Talk forum. Thread will be moved.
  10. shak

    shak Harrr!

    hey adnan if you are leaving pakistan then i would recomend that you buy the guitar from which ever country you are going to.....i can tell you about england... you can get an ibanez rg series for about 129 pounds and if you have a little extra cash..go for the prs sopabar se or tremonti se ..both retail at about 399 pounds...(good ones)...or if you are going to usa...then its even better becuase you can get the same guitars at the same price but in dollars there (that is 1 pound = 2 dollars so you save 50% on whatver you buy from usa!!!) its just that you will get more choice and better quality abroad...but i will PM you with the addresses when i get them...
  11. adnanshakil

    adnanshakil New Member

    Hey Shahrukh.. Thanx for the advice man.. Actually I am leaving for Riyadh, KSA.. There is no dealers of guitars except for Yamaha.. and by playing them I know they suck.. I used to have a RG 470 guitar.. but the neck got some problems so I am trying to change it.. what I am looking for is RG 2570 EXVSL Prestige series or 1570 Series guitar.. and a Digitech GNX4 processor.. and a Peavey Transtube 212 Special Amp.. I know I cannot find them in Riyadh.. so I thought atleast I can buy a guitar over here in Pakistan..
  12. shak

    shak Harrr!

    ooh....nice choice certainly know what you want....dont you...well if have so high spec details in your mind...i would say go to the shop in sadar (the one above the video game shop...:see my first post:) .... there you can ask them to get you your ibanez prestige...i am sure they can import it for you .... the rest of the shops are pretty crappy...i am not sure if they can get you such high spec guitars...
  13. adnanshakil

    adnanshakil New Member

    I have been to that shop.. its called Pakistan Electronics.. they have a branch even in Islamabad.. The problem is that it is quite quite expensive.. Do you know is there any duty on importing guitars.. If there isn't then I will order myself from the internet, rather than having someone import it.. Yes, I have been playing around with guitars when I was permanently staying in Pakistan and had a band and stuff.. I have used alot of guitars but Ibanez is excellent.. I played 1570.. The prestige series is not being used by any of the musicians.. I know Salman Ahmed uses Ibanez, I think S series.. Faraz Anwar used to play with Jackson.. but the neck of Ibanez is brilliant.. and prestige series is alot quite good.. The action (distance of the strings from the neck) is so low.. and that makes it very easy to play licks and do all sorts of tricks.. That is the main reason I want to go for Prestige series of Ibanez RG.. Thanks for the help..
  14. J_a_L

    J_a_L New Member from lahore....i wanna know...where i can get 'Ovation' bass guitars from lahore...n tell me da price also if u can.....
  15. xulfi

    xulfi New Member

  16. asadqq

    asadqq New Member

    can u specify me the exact place of the shop in lalokhet
  17. Orange Guitar

    Orange Guitar IGT's ALLROUNDER

    dont buy from Pakistan Electronics...the r fake....guitar wrld is gud enuf.....

    @sharukh: plz plz plz gimme the address of shop!!!!
  18. Guitar player

    Guitar player New Member

    HI VOLTS is the best guitar shop in pakistan where you can find electric guitars used but branded in the range of 6000 rs and you will find the high quality branded guitars and drums in reasonable prices
    i can give you the phone no
  19. dave_hotshot

    dave_hotshot New Member

    Yo... Ibanez?

    He guys... you know of where i can purchase an Ibanez GRG170 from....??? any shops in karachi... how much wil it cost me with an amp....
  20. Guitarfreak1979

    Guitarfreak1979 New Member

    Try V-SEL MUSIC....... in Khadda Market Defence Phase V. They are the official distributors of Ibanez in Pakistan.

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