Cort EVL K4 with ESP Pickups and Licenced Floyd Rose Bridge for sale ( Demo Video )

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  1. JaxyNikil

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    A Small Demo Video : ‪Cort EVL K4 with ESP LH-100 Demo ( For Sale )‬‏ - YouTube


    I am selling my 1 year Cort EVL K4 With ESP LH100 Humbucker Pickups and Licensed Floyd Rose Double Locking III Tremolo System ,
    As you can see in the pics and Video , there has been no damage or any such sort of wear n tear stuff , I have taken very good care of it and I have spent ages setting it up , It can play and feel like a true professional guitar.....None of the new guitars in this price range can sound and feel half as good as this guitar....
    If you are looking for a guitar in this price range , feel free to come and try it once and decide weather or not to buy it...

    Price : 14900/- Negotiable

    Phone : (0) 8050952540
    Email :

    Can ship the guitar anywhere across India \m/

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  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Why did IGT not get such threads while I was looking out for guitar 6 years back??
  3. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    I know.....fate sucks most of the time......Like Ryte now m having a hard time selling my guitar....
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You may also consider pasting classified on the in-gate of a big music shop at bangalore.

    Ppl coming in may ignore, but once inside, they may get shocked at high prices inside.
    then they would come running out to try your number ...
  5. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    @Jaxy - I loved it :) .. That was awesome stuff :)
  6. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    @ Alpha...I dont think the store guys would take it easily if I go and stick a ad on their place.... lol ... But I have told a few friends from few showrooms that I visit regularly to help me out....I hope it gets sold soon :)

    @ Super Admin....thanks mate ...really appreciate it :)
    By any chance could u move this post to some other Forum where a lot of people will check regularly ??
    I had posted this in Guitar Gear Talk...but some one moved it here....and not much of a crowd in
  7. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    @Jaxy - mate it's a tough call. The whole point of this new forum was creating a dedicated market place so that users can search for used musical instruments. I know the section is new and less eye balls rolling in here, so it's bit difficult to sustain in the beginning.

    Let's keep this thread here, I'll work something out for you. You are from Bangalore right ? Monday I'm meeting some good friends who are associated with popular stores, I'll check with them.

    We'll figure a way :).

    I hope you get my point.
  8. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    And yeah, I was the someone who moved the thread here :). Sorry :).
  9. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    Sure mate I understand it :)
    Thanks for the help :)
  10. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member


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