Cort Electric Guitar bought from Bajaao - Please Help Urgently!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by scrops, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. scrops

    scrops New Member


    I purchased a cort electric guitar from Bajaao this week. I have not removed any tags and the initial cover is still on. I noticed that the guitar I got was manufactured on January, 2010. Considering that it is a Cort guitar which is not a very popular choice in India, should I consider it normal to have got over an year old guitar? The guitar looks in good shape. The strings look like they need to be changed.

    Please help me ASAP because I can still return the instrument.

  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Bajaao sucks big-time... Its always better to buy from a local shop...Which Cort by the way?
  3. scrops

    scrops New Member

    Cort guitars are not retailed by an music shops so that is the reason I opted for Bajaao. Its a Cort KX1Q.
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    They ARE retailed ...but maybe not in your city...If its only the strings then it shud be fine, change them... In case you decide to return then God knows when will you get a replacement for that...
  5. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    its perfectly normal no need to worry
    they buy guitars in bulk,guitars dont get spoiled as long as you get the warranty,there's nothing to worry about
  6. scrops

    scrops New Member

    Sorry I should have been more specific..Cort guitars are not available in music shops in Mumbai like Furtados and Bhargavs. This being my first electric guitar after playing acoustic guitar I wanted a budget guitar which does not feel cheap and Cort KX1Q suits my need.

    Yes its only the strings, I have inspected the rest of the guitar it looks in a good condition. If I decide to keep it I will put in the new strings, polish the fret board and fret bars with lemon oil before I use it.

    Did anyone else had such an experience where a guitar manufactured a year early was purchased or delivered? What does it do in terms of the actual value of the instrument? I believe since Fender, Ibanez and ESP electric guitars are very popular there will always be new guitars in the stock.
  7. scrops

    scrops New Member

    Thanks for your response! I do have the warranty card.
  8. shredded

    shredded New Member

    i played with some cort acoustic guitars earlier...pretty decent, and they seems to be a good brand...
  9. anonymusneo

    anonymusneo New Member

    i own a cort x11 and i god damm love it . :D

    its a very very very underratted guitar . you will know :p
  10. hiflier79

    hiflier79 New Member

    cort guitars are available in musicians mall in for the year of make even if u go to a shop and try ibanezes or greg bennets or squier stuff u r likely to get a 2010 me coz i checked while getting my guitar early this year....they order in bulk i suppose....i got a cort X6 2010 make.....except for the strings being a bit rusty it was perfectly fine...also bajaao prices are better than prices in mumbai......hope this helps....:)
  11. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Wait, what? You want a "freshly manufactured" guitar? People must be crazy, buying '59 Goldtop reissues for thousands of dollars.
  12. bajaao

    bajaao New Member

    Hey Sumit,

    We are from BAJAAO and actually it would have been great if you could have called or emailed us with your dissatisfaction. Anyways, its great that we found your post and hence we are replying you.

    As you would be aware that BAJAAO (Home - BAJAAO - Buy and Review Musical Instruments and Pro Audio Equipment in India) offers a 14 day money back guarantee if the customer is dis satisfied by our product. Hence you are still eligible for that. We checked our records and shows that the product was delivered on 25th June.

    Please call us or email at

    Hey Ricky it will be good if you can let us know why you not happy with us and we can try to solve your dissatisfaction.
  13. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    Firstly Congrats on going for a Cort Guitar.....Big brands like ESP and Ibanez sucks big time in low end and Beginner Range products......
    And there is nothing u need to worry about the age of the guitar unless its not damaged or any such things.....basically its just wood and magnets.....So chill out and enjoy it....
    Congrats once again...

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