Correction on accurate tabs for "Neele Neele ambar par" posted by Souman

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  1. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Dear friends,

    I am posting this as a new thread so that it gets noticed by everyone. These tabs are also posted in the thread by Souman_das on "accurate tabs and chords of Neele Neele ambar par". As you will notice there are some errors in those tabs (posted by souman)...the correction is posted here. I have used original tablature by Souman and made modifications on those...i do not have patience to write complete on my own.

    Right now these are for intro and mukhda...I'll post corrections on the antara (Guitar pieces before antara's) soon.

    I must mention that the tabs posted by souman are still 70-80% correct and these tabs are so complex that even 70-80% accuracy can be mistaken for 100% correct by beginners or by audience when the orchestra is playing.

    You must listen to the song carefully to appreciate the corrections.

    Try to play with alternating up and down strokes with plectrum

    Start with the following tab: (No correction)
    Strike Dm chord once.
    Here starts the vocal part.
    Neele Neele ambar par(follow this line with the following tabs) (correction)
    B-----------5-6h5-6h5-6-5h6-5--------------(keep the finger on 5 fret)------
    Chaand jab aaye (follow this line with the following tabs)(Major correction)
    Pyaar barsaye (follow this line with the following tabs)(Major correction)
    Humko tarsaye (follow this line with the following tabs)
    B----------6-5h6-5h6-5h6-5h6--------------(keep the finger on 5 fret)----
    G-----------------------------------------7-(you can play this but not necessary)--
    Stike Dm chord once again.
    Aisa koi saathi ho (follow this line with the following tabs) (Major correction)
    Aisa koi premi ho (follow this line with the following tabs) (major correction)
    E----------------------------6-8-8s12-(play strokes at 12, 5-6 times)------------
    Pyaas dil ki (follow this line with the following tabs) (totally wrong)
    B----------- 6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6------------(keep the finger on 6 fret)----
    bujha jayen
    Strike the note at 7 fret once on 3 string and then immediately strike Dm chord(looks ok but can be ignored)

    Bass notes played in the starting of the song are as follows:

    A----start from 5 (or 7) fret and slide back till open---------------------------------
    Repeat the following two times: (correction)
    Now play the following chords for the violin part(it is better to use chords instead of
    tabs since this is a synthesizer or violin part and I leave this part to them during my live
    stage shows)
    Neele neele ambar par (after the vocalist ends ambar, start the following tab till the line
    ends) (correction) ---played fast
    Chaand jab aaye (start the following tab at aaye) (correction)---played fast
    Pyaar barsaye (correction)---played fast
    Humko tarsaye (correction)---played fast

    For the following lines,play only chords:
    Aisaa koi saathi ho
    aisaa koi premi ho
    Bb A,Dm
    pyaas dil kii bujha jaen

    Enjoy playing and comments are welcome
  2. magicalaks

    magicalaks New Member

    hey vikas gud chords man... keep up the gud work bro...
  3. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    oh my goodness,
    vikas after reading your post i got afraid what i have posted.
    infact you are the first person who has complained that the tabs are not correct,you know i am a guitar teacher also and have my guitar teaching institute here.
    i have taught this song to more than 100 people and have played 100 times but no one complained to me that it is incorrect.
    this is what is called communication error.
    you are right when you said that some very silly typing mistakes are here and there.
    might be,
    friend you can imagine for typing such a long post how much time it takes.
    it is very easy to denounce others but you can not think despite my busy schedule how much time and effort i have to invest to write this post.
    i have not checked it before coz after writing i did not had the energy to check it and posted it as it was.
    as of now i will check what i have written and i will repost it.
    and if possible i will also make an audio file and post it here.
    so that i can proove what i play is not correct as per what vikas says.

    one more thing vikas somewhere i have seen that at one or two places like in violin pieice i have used an open note where you are pressing a corresponding note at another string,i want to ask how it differs.

    i am hurt by your statement vikas.

  4. Rajeshwary

    Rajeshwary New Member

    i noticed mistakes in that post as well, minor ones , i assumed they were typos in any case souman shouldnta had a subject title that proud, plus seems to have a big big ego.
    souman, keep up the good work, tone down the ego.
  5. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    yes rajeshwary that i what i am trying to say that there might be some typing error i do not know of it, as i have not checked it.
    but i consider it true to me belief that what i posted is correct(i guess they must be some minor errors not that major as suggested by vikas) anyway i will recheck it when i will be free.

  6. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member


    No hard feelings Souman,

    I didn't know about your background and honestly it doesn't even matter to me.
    I don't care how many times you performed, how many people you taught, all that matters to me is how you have written the tabs. There are perhaps lacs of guitarists in india, and believe me much better than me and you, we are just a small representation at IGT. But errors are errors...whether made by an expert or a novice. Now there could be some typos (Which i don't think is so), but see, lot of people are going to play from your post...and they will play wrong. And your excuse to them is "you didn't bother to check after such hard work of writing"

    My suggestion..Please don't claim to be perfect as you are not. and neither am I nor is anyone else.

    another suggestion..please welcome improvenments.

    last suggestion..always check your tabs before posting as hundreds of viewers will read them and play them.

    There are certain points in your tabs which are just not typos but errors

    For example
    Aisa koi premi ho (my tabs)
    E----------------------------6-8-8s12-(play strokes at 12, 5-6 times)------------


    Aisa koi premi ho (your tabs)
    E-----------------------------8-10s12(repeated strokes)-------------------


    Pyaas dil ki (my tabs)
    B----------- 6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6h8-6------------(keep the finger on 6 fret)----

    Pyaas dil ki (your tabs)
    B-----------5h6-5h6-5h6-5h6-5h6-------------(keep the finger on 5 fret)----

    plus there are more...obviously they are not just typos.

    My friend..this is such a beautiful song..even minor errors can make it sound bad, specially when you know what the correct version is.

    I never claimed to be 100% correct, rajeshwari. Thanks for tabs though..i'll check and let you know. Wait for my tabs for the antaras and you will know whether these are typos by souman or major errors. And you are most welcome to tell me where I am wrong.

    That is all I have to say, after all we are on this forum to share our music and correct and improve each other and not to claim that i am the best or you are the best.

  7. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    c'mon, ppl ,atleast give the guy a pat on the back for all the hard work he's taken!! u see, its rather easy pointing out mistakes, but whats creditable is the fact that someone has taken the pains to type and tab the whole thing out and post it on the forum.

    to simply sweep somones efforts by saying thats its all damn wrong, is rather rude adn discouraging...the improvements that have been suggested are all minor knick knacks here and there, which im sure ppl can improve upon...

    please don't think that im a souman's pet......i just expressed what i thought was correct....many a times i've corrected souman as well in some of his posts and im sure no one here minds that and neither does anyone here claim to be a Hendrix or a Clapton....

    i suggest we must learn to appreciate the efforts of others before taking up a red pen to start correcting the mistakes....

    expecting a war to break out, so i shut up....
  8. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    hey atulansaha..

    you are taking it too far..buddy

    ofcourse i mentioned that souman's tabs are 70-80% correct and I appreciate his hard work.
    My major objection is don't claim to be 100% when you are not. he could have just posted the tabs. and then he goes on to endorse it by his experince...saying these are just perfect..played it 100 times..he has taught it too...i mean cmon yaar..who cares who you are...

    all we care is about the tabs.

    Ofcourse he did hard what shall we do..just let the wrong thing stay. Let me tell you, people have posted it before. Have you seen Arindan's post..they are more close to correct version than souman's.

    I think we have the write to correct tabs.

    But please don't say that your are perfect without even bothering to check your tabs.

    Hope you understand my point. I ahve nothing against you or souman. Just that I raelized that the tabs had several errors.

    take care
  9. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Hey Souman,

    I did not want to sound discouraging. You have doen very good work on tabs or chords of other songs..and I never commented on them. Ofcourse it is also worth appreciating the effort you took to write these down.
    But just like rajeshwari said..keep up the good work and your tone and ego down. I mean c'mon..what does this mean "I assure the tabs that I am giving is 100% correct and if you play it correctly then it would sound 100% perfect."

    obviously that's not true..right.

    We hope to get chords and tabs of more songs from you as you have done in the past..but little modesty wud help.

  10. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member

    there is a nicer way....

    hi vikas,

    only the original composer can give 100% correct notes. rest all are prone to mistakes however small. but there is always a decent and polite way of saying everything.

    soumen sounded confident as he has performed the same many times on stage and elsewhere. even if he sounded egoistic...what about u r posting in souman's thread....with all that thumbs down....and not correct heading and all.

    so lets not just denounce like that. but suggest to discuss in a more polite and proper way. it is just a few words that matter ...few more key strokes.

    we may never care for whoever others are here on IGT. still i don't think and others will agree when I will say....there is no reason to say i don't care whoever you are..... 10 times in a post. certainly however bad or good somebody is no one likes to hear this. we all are friends here right.

    all who take pains to share their knowledge here are assets of this site, source of knowledge for people like me who are trying to learn and don't have access to teachers rightaway.

    so lets practice what we preach. few more key strokes won't hurt anybody. and lets see the music and not be a judge of pride or vanity.


  11. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Man! I sure made some heads turn. and seems like souman has a good following too. Good advocating.

    But i guess you guys miss the point. Ofcourse everyone makes errors...and there are many flawed chords...but did i ever responded to that , No..cause those people were modest about there work.

    But if you claim to be 100% perfect and then make errors....well i have to think twice. I am sorry but i am like that and you may not like me.

    Look at some experst on IGT...Bandbaajaa....subhro....jayswami...etc...did they ever claim to be perfect...but their chords and tabs...generate respect for them.

    That is what i meant when i said nobody cares who you are or what you do...its all about what you write. Hope u get the point.

    I never denounced souman's carefully...i said they are 70-80% right. But they are not 100% perfect as he claimed...that is all i what's wrong in my statement.

    And yes I always feel nobody is 100% so why claim so.

    and i also said he has done good work with other chords. Well may be i shud not have put thumbs down...that was just my reaction immediately after looking at tabs. point you guys just won't understand...cause you are pro-souman.

    Anyways...i hope we communicate better in future.

  12. Rey1970

    Rey1970 New Member

    da Dmin chord is a open chord in da intro,(When u all say strike 1) I did'nt see any of you all written that, after its barre in the song, but good work guys , it does take a lot of time to post ppl shd appreciate that.I first played it when my teacher showed me 17 yrs bck. I play it note 4 note now sometimes i place a passing chord GMaj 1 beat, b4 AMaj I play more lead, but dis song got so bored 4 me now!!! but its a good practice keep up d good wk guys.
  13. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey guys ...

    posting tabs for the song is nice ....

    but i would've really appreciated if anyone were to post the two fills/leads that are thre in tho song ...
    in my opinion if u are singing as well as playing the guitar ... chords suffice for the song ... the fills and the leads have to really be good (coz u cant do without 'em) ...
  14. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    i knew vikas is gonna get us wrong....

    none of us here wanna fight over something so trivial, man...u seem to be arguing like a lawyer,...."how dare u claim to be 100% correct when u r only 99% correct!! im gonna ensure that u rot in jail for the rest of your life..." types...

    what we were trying to say was that just be kinda polite when making ur just sounds and feels encouraging, just as sambit said, "it takes a couple of keystrokes"

    ....nehow, im sure ur gonna misunderstand me again u r right in saying that souman has a good following here, but there are reasons for that....he is good to novices like me and helps me in correcting my posts without reminding me that im a newbie compared to him...

    in ne case, u wudn't understand so theres no point talking about this with u....
  15. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    yes...finally you got my point..atul..after so many exchanges

    we need to be polite and not act like an egoist...(Not the "I am perfect" attitude)

    After all we are here to learn and exchange. So better do it in a polite way. I was never fighting or arguing like a lawyer. Neither was I against the tabs posted. Only that they were about 70-80% correct. I hope you understand the difference between 75% and 99% or even 95%, forget 100%. I wanted to make a point and I think I have done that repeatedly.

    But like u said, we do not understand each other, so lets not argue any further.
    Let us all try to be polite. I will be and I hope others will be too.

    Happy Guitaring


    P.S. Will post the two guitar interludes sometime today, definitely tomorrow.
  16. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    chill out guyz...thats common.

    souman put the great efforts in posting tabs..he deserves some pride..vikas, you have done the excellent job of trying them out and commenting the errors, that is good.

    So guyz...when can i listen to all versions of this song?
  17. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi friends,
    it is now high time to say what i know and what i can play.
    someone questioned my guitar playing and teaching experience of 10 years.
    i have uploaded the audio file at

    and you can judge whether my tabs are correct or not.
    i have seen that my post has some errors be it in some tabs or a chord,but i won't correct it now.
    if anyone believe me then the work posted by one of our group member is a trash,a complete trash.
    moreover i was termed as egoist but some people do not have the time to read what i have written:

    "I assure the tabs that I am giving is 100% correct and if you play it correctly then it would sound 100% perfect.Anybody who does not believe in my claim can get the tabs checked by RD Burman (kidding!!!!!!!!!!!)."

    i guess either some people have poor reading habit or they are in utmost hurry,they could not recognise that i have written "kidding" at the end.

    i have recorded a muti-layer recording with guitar,though i am not very good at that.
    i did not have any rhythum player with me but still i managed to do it alone.
    i guess that is a tight slap at people's ass who claim they hardly cares about anyone and next time i would appreciate if they do not poke their nose in my work,
    because every time i do not intend to waste 4-5 hours while writing the tabs for the song and then doing the recording for the song to proove my tabs are not wrong.

    reduce the bass of your media player a bit,coz i am not very good at multi-layer recording and enjoy.

    regards to everyone,
  18. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

    I don;t know any previous controversies or comments .... BUT

    Ur Recording & Tabs rocks .......

    Superb Effort ...
  19. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    On rapid share it says that file does not exist, can you please upload your work on
  20. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member


    Man your recording surely rocks..but Alas! only 70% just like your tabs. As i said the tabs of this song are so complexed you can easily fool people by being 70% right (and rest is real trash in your tabs or shall i say missing trash!).

    And what about that kidding comment...who are you trying to fool. You wrote that for getting your tabs checked with RD and not for the 100% perfect tab comment.

    "I assure the tabs that I am giving is 100% correct and if you play it correctly then it would sound 100% perfect.

    Anybody who does not believe in my claim can get the tabs checked by RD Burman (kidding!!!!!!!!!!!)."

    As far as slapping someone's ass i am sure yours was slapped really hard as clear from this message.

    Why the hell you recorded with electric guitar with that echo and little bit of flange. You should have used an acoustic guitar atleast. Multilayered recording hide the errors. seems like you are trying to prove something and not really teach.

    just for example...the guitar piece that follows...pyar barsaye.. in intro is played wrong. Similarly the first half of 2nd guitar interlude is not played complete.

    Well its good for beginners, but i am sure experts will realize the errors in your recording. It is very evident.

    I'll post my recording shortly as I am away from my home for few days, wait for it guys before passing judgement. ofcourse if you know what the errors are in this recording you are most welcome to comment.

    Man this guy sure has lot of ego. So you have been playing just for 10 years...may be that explains it.

    Take a chill pilly buddy.


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