correct chord progression technique???

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  1. uj_6string

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    hey guys!
    while shifting between chords or practising chord changes.....i place one finger at a time....
    example-like while shifting from C to F....
    1)i place my 3rd finger on 5th string(5th fret)
    2)then i place my 2nd finger on second fret(4th string) and then i place my first finger on the second string(1st fret)
    then...i shift to the F chord.....
    for that......i first put my first finger on the first fret(all the 6 strings)
    then.....i place my third finger on the 3rd fret(5th string)
    then my fourth finger at third fret 4rth string....
    and then my second finger on 2nd fret third string....
    thatz thw way i do finger at a time.....starting from the 6th string and then going down......
    but here-
    it is said that before changing a chord, u have to get your fingers in the position of that chord....
    i wanted to ask u all, what is the correct and better technique???.the technique i use, works fine for me, but still....i wanted to know.......what is the better way to change chords????:confused:
  2. guitar_guru666

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    Whatever works best for you is most important, if the chords are ringing out well and you are comfortable then go for it! Van Halen had a very different technique to what is considered technically correct and he was an amazing guitarist.
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  3. uj_6string

    uj_6string Nickelodean Addict :D

    ^^^^thankz a lot guitar guru.....guess i'll stick to my usual technique.....reps for u
    i asked my guitar sir and he told me that my technique was better.....

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