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    Hi everyone,

    I am Goutam new to this site... sotti khub bhalo site for all guitarist... jodi keu nicher cords gulo ki bhabe play korte hobe ektu explain kore khub bhalo hobe....

    F#m$ A$

    F#m! A!

    B* A*

    [A+] [E+]
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    I don't know what the !, $ and * signs mean.

    The F#m is a barre chord at the 2nd fret, E minor form.

    e 2
    b 2
    G 2
    D 4
    A 4
    E 2

    The A+ is an open chord A augmented (the + sign refers to an augmented chord)

    e x
    b 2
    G 2
    D 3
    A 0
    E x

    Basically you only play the middle 4 strings, it's a pretty easy chord.

    For the E+

    e 0
    b 1
    G 1
    D 2
    A 3
    E 0

    Nice open chord.

    Have fun!
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    Thanks for help, ami try korbo....

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