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    HELLO!! check this out-

    Please read and do the last part and think how the terrorists communicate each other.........

    1) New York City has 11 letters.

    2) Afghanistan has 11 letters.

    3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened to
    Destroy the Twin Towers in 1993 has 11 letters.

    4) George W Bush has 11 letters.

    This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets more interesting:

    1) New York is the 11th state.

    2) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11.

    3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11

    4) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers.
    6+5 = 11

    5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known.
    9 + 1+ 1 = 11

    6) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911.
    9 + 1 + 1 = 11.

    Sheer coincidence..?! Read on and make up your own mind:

    1) The total number of victims inside all the hi- jacked planes was 254 which is 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

    2) September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. Again 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

    3) The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004. 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 11.

    4) The tragedy of Madrid happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident.

    Now this is where things get totally eerie :

    The most recognized symbol for the US, after the Stars & Stripes, is the Eagle. The following verse is taken from the
    Quran, the Islamic holy book:

    "For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced: for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace."

    That verse is number 9.11 of the Quran.

    Still unconvinced about all of this..?! Try this and see how you feel afterwards:

    Open Microsoft Word and do the following:

    1. Type in capitals Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane to hit one of the Twin Towers.

    2. Highlight the Q33 NY.

    3. Change the font size to 48.

    4. Change the actual font to the WINGDINGS

    It reads...

    Q33 NY
    What do you think now?!!
  2. CrYpTiC_angel

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  3. abhimanjrekar

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    ^^ hehe...good one...newaz it was old..
  4. UjSen

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    thnx crptu i didn't get this.^^^
  5. uj_6string

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    mere coincidence:yawn:
  6. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    cant be sheer coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude dere has to be sum planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. what will we do with the facts now?
    1) its already been posted
    2) it happened 5 yrs back, get over it!
  8. Iraqita_EP

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    ppl living in amrika wont get over it........especially bush.....
  9. "Indian" Guitar Tabs. 9/11 dint harm us india any way, but that doesn't mean that we ignore the facts. by saying 'get over it' i meant that this guy who posted it should have realised that the facts are 5 yrs old and almost all of us have read it.
  10. morse_pankha

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    ppl die..and then ppl who are living come out with cool facts abt ppl dying.
  11. Johny Bravo

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    ^^^..... and its pathetic. Thats the whole line!
  12. m_waleed86

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  13. waleed dude, chill. these facts are just made up by some jerks for the sake of fwd mails. solution to this: dont give a fcuk
  14. angel_of_sin

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    Yo ppl wen dis incident took place everybody was talking about Nostradamus sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!Each newspaper had its own version of wat nostradamas said!!!!!!!!!
  15. BleedingMusic

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    phew...chill a bit guys...
    i got this on me mail n thought ill post it.

    sorry if i hurt ya feelins or somethin.
    im gonna double check everythin i post frm now
  16. alpha1

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    ^^ HEHEHE
    How will you double check?
    You got an agency for that?
  17. BleedingMusic

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    agency to double check??? HAHAHA!! u gotta be kiddin me!!

    last time i checked humans dont need agencies fr that...
    YOU an agency fr that?
  18. alpha1

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    Whe ndid you check the last?

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