Conquering my self-hate

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    Oh follower of evil,common sense of insanity,
    Oh bringer of love,reasonable lack of insecurity,
    Self-hate is what follows me,the purpose of existing,
    Love is not a part of me,except if it’s to you,
    I don’t know what to think about myself,I do know I despise me,
    I don’t even know if I already am what you’re expecting me to be,
    All I want is to be there for you and to control my self-hate,
    But self-hate is a part of me and I don’t know how to fight it,
    I want to help you,but can I help myself?
    Please be there for me,I’ll be there for you,too,
    I’ll be there in darker ages and brighten up your path,
    I want to bring you peace and lighten up your heart…
  2. tejas

    tejas ..........

    I liked it, but I think you used "self-hate" more than required in there. Try replacing it by something which implies the same, otherwise it gets a little messy. But still, this is good stuff. Keep writing!!

    P.S. What happened to the publishing?

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