confused between epiphone squier and yamaha

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by den, May 16, 2011.


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  2. Squire Stratocaster

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  1. den

    den New Member

    Hey all,
    i shortlisted epiphone LES PAUL, Squier STRATOCASTER and yamaha PAC 012/ 112
    my total budget for the guitar is 10-14k
    and i mainly play various versions ROCK, and BLUES, so i dont need a very metal oriented guitar.
    Mid gains are enough for me now..

    now tell me which one should i get ??
  2. den

    den New Member

    P.S. I live in kolkata, so if any1 selling their old guitars can PM me..
  3. wylder

    wylder New Member

    For that money, you could buy a nice used guitar you know.. If people stop buying these crappy bottom range guitars, they'll probably price down their better guitars. At your price point, you are mostly paying for the brand name and not for the actual guitar's quality.

    That said, the Yamaha Pacifica is miles ahead of the others you have listed here, simply because they do not have a lot of guitarists endorsing them.
  4. marooned

    marooned New Member

    ^ +1 also which model of the epiphone les paul? there are quite a few i think, some of them being quite expensive.
  5. wylder

    wylder New Member

    Ya, even I had the same doubt but at 10-14k, I don't think you'd get much further than the LP Special II..
  6. den

    den New Member

    Yes WYLDER is right..LP SPECIAL II
    But i am not sure if it would be available here..I asked the store manager to get one of them..He insisted me to order, bt without hearing the sound I cannot go for it..
    Anyway any idea what the price would be like in india??
  7. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    Go for the Pacifica, since you want mid-gain and bluesy tone... Best in this price range!
  8. den

    den New Member

    Yeah, but I mainly play do you still think Pacifica will be the best of the 3??
    and why does no one seems to like the les paul..I thought it was very good guitar..
  9. buster zoso

    buster zoso New Member

    The Epiphone LP is the lowest priced model in its category\family so it can't be regarded as good.
    Squier Strats are just shit.
    So your best bet would be Yamaha Pacifica. Even in that, if possible considering , then go for 112J. You can also get 112V for 1800 INR if you can raise your budget but 112J would be just fine.
  10. den

    den New Member

    whats the diff between 112J and 112V??
  11. buster zoso

    buster zoso New Member

    Just go to the Yamahar Pacifica site and compare the two models. Although they look nearly identical but they are quite different. Take for instance, J got simple Humbucking Pickup while V got Alnico V Humbucking Pickup and so the name. And still there are a lot more differences.
  12. shriworld4u

    shriworld4u New Member

    why dnt u try ibanez models? They r pretty cool too.. Heard a lot abt grg170dx n grx40.. They r in range arnd 12k..!
  13. buster zoso

    buster zoso New Member

    @shriworld4u: Never give advice when you are not sure yourself. The lower end models of Ibanez are as bad as Squier Affinity Strat. The grg series of Ibanez is one the worst among these.

    @Admin: Looks like the OP has already found out a guitar so why not you close it or else it will keep showing up once in a while without any actual need.
  14. shriworld4u

    shriworld4u New Member

    Buster zoso... Right bro actually m myself jst abt to buy a new one n i had rounded up on grg270dx.. Felt pretty cool..grip ,tone n all ws good too.. Y do u think its bad? Plz suggest bro.. Also evn u feel a yamaha wud b betr than ibanez?? z do reply
  15. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    Any Ibanez GRG series guitar is not worth buying. Its a universal truth..
  16. shriworld4u

    shriworld4u New Member

    Buster zozo

    So bro which guitar do u reckon should be good upto 15k?? what are the main problems with ibanez grg series?? if it is just the floating bridge or something else??
  17. dragonball

    dragonball New Member

    Why is den not being recommended Greg Bennett (& Squier Vibe 50)?
  18. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    If you're looking for a budget Les Paul, nothing better than Greg Bennett Avion series... Give 'em a try...
  19. riff in heaven

    riff in heaven New Member

    u'l get an epiphone les paul II in signature music>>>

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