Concept of pivot fingers is of immediate to beginners

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    The concept of pivot fingers is of immediate use even to beginners, and needs to be kept in mind constantly while practicing. It simply means that if a finger is already down on a note, and is needed in the same place either right away or shortly, DON'T TAKE IT OFF THAT NOTE.


    **an Em chord to a B7. Do the em with fingers 2 and 3, and leave 2 down while switching.

    **a C chord to an Em, leave 2 down and place 1 on the other note.

    **a C chord to a first position full F bar chord. Leave 3 down and pivot around it as you place the other fingers.

    Always look for opportunities to use pivot fingers. You will find them in chord changes, scale passages, slur passages, all over. Every time you find one, you have just made that passage easier, and improved your overall technique. Sometimes, I find one I have never noticed before, maybe in something I have been playing for years and years. I am always glad I found it, but I feel pretty dumb for not noticing it before!

    Cheers !
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    I wanted to write about this for a long time. Could you please write about Guides too along with Pivots. Maybe some diagrams could be useful. Guides are you use some fretting fingers as a guitar to move it to the next fretting position where as in Pivot you anchor and not move the common fretting finger.
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    Now... i am seriously in a dilemma about this... All my frens tell me to use the pivot thing.. but personally i find it easier to lift the finger off and get it back when required later. If I keep it on the note (pivoting) i somehow lose the fluidity and mess up with the timing. Is that a flaw in my playing then??
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    You need to practise these Pivots and Guides. Once you get comfortable with them, you will certainly appreciate it and will also make your playing much more easier.
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    I'm not sure I understand this. Could you explain with an example?
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    Pivot FOngers

    What has happened is that over time, your muscle memory has "learned" the incorrect way. Sure you can play the way you have been, but you have lost the fluidity with wich you can play. This will become apparent when you play fast riffs. My advice is , go back to the drawing board. Use your fingers correctly, but SLOWLY. Redevelop the correct muscle memory. Speed will come. Believe me, speed will come.
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    i used to do this stuff without knowing that i was doing came to me naturally....nice thread johnny_flamenco....:beer:
    another example-
    f barre to d minor...
    leave 2 down and switch the other fingers.....

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