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    hey...i know a karan nagpal...were u dps mathura road?
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    OMG... Bachpan ka pyaar.... IGT... Uniting lives...
  4. lazy_headbanger

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    back to the question.
    it's not a fact that ESP's are costlier than Ibanez and secondly the "RG" is a series of guitars from Ibanez.Every guitar has its own pros and cons i think which describes the cost.
    As for the guitars, the ESP LTD Alexi2000 is a great guitar and it has EMG pickups and i think are better than the DiMarzio one's.can't say about the EMG-ESP but the EMG 81/85 KICK ASS!
    The DiMarzio (I played the RG2250EX) give a more juicy distortion as compared to the chunky EMG one's.That my opinion.
  5. zak*wylde

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    if ur into metal .... ESP guitars are closer to what u need....on the other hand if u like to joe satriani kinda stuff ibanez guitars r 4 u

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