COMING SOON! Neela Vaanam from Man Madhan Ambu

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  1. sathish_gerrard

    sathish_gerrard New Member

    still figuring out the chords for the whole song will be posting it on a day or two
  2. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    dude.. you made us wait so long.. here are my chords.. but the thread is all yours.. you can correct the errors..

    Neela vanam Scale C Major 4/4

    PRELUDE: | C | G | C | G |

    | C | G | C | G |
    Neela vanam neeyum nanum

    | F | C | F | C |

    | F | C | F | C7 |

    | F C | F C |

    | F C G C |
    ini nee...

    repeat neela vanam & prelude..

    Ist BGM:


  3. CharlesMartin

    CharlesMartin New Member

    This sounds a little better... i guess :)

    Since the song is been played in the Piano.. i've put the chords for the Piano.

    | C | G | C | G |
    Neela vanam , neeyum naanum

    | F | C | F | C |
    Kangaley Bashayaai , Kaigalae aasiyaai

    | G |Am| G |Am|
    Vaiyamae koilyilaai vaanamae vaayilaai

    |Dm|Am| G | C |
    Paalveli paayiley sainthu naam kooduvoam

    | G |Am| G | C |
    Inni nee endru naan endru iru veru aalillaiyae

    The C7 in the previous post sounds very odd to the song, so i've made some changes.
  4. sanjaymj98

    sanjaymj98 New Member

    how does the lead sounds in the song ??
    i don't find any relevance !!
    can u tell me which part does tha lead comes !!
  5. mathewjohn893

    mathewjohn893 New Member

    Still coming?

    when can we expect it
  6. jonathan373

    jonathan373 New Member

    Dude, wat abt d stanza....? pls post dem too...!
  7. sathish_gerrard

    sathish_gerrard New Member

    sorry for the afk!

    hi guys,
    i know you guys are like mad at me for disappearing but i was like away from my guitar for abt a month overseas, but nvrtheless somebdy else figured out the song for well, its basically the chords C G F constantly used. thx ashyantony!
  8. jonathan373

    jonathan373 New Member

    Pls post d chords for d Stanza's also...!
    Charles MArtin

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