College Days

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    The 8.30 am bell rings loud in the long corridor
    Running toward the class door, with legs too sore

    Can I come in, I asked the professor
    Pat came the answer, you are late mister

    With a bag on my shoulder I got in
    First benchers look at me as though I had committed a sin

    Girls smiling, pretending to take down every quote
    One day, I got to check all of their notes

    The bell rings again indicating that the lecture is over
    Met my gang to discuss kumble`s last over

    Lectures were scheduled for through out the day
    The clouds in my mind turned grey

    Zipping through the pre lunch sessions, I was happy
    Felt like the kid who just got out of a wet nappy

    The wafting smell of lunch pulled me closer to the café
    That is one place I realized I was safe

    For my friends were hunting me for a treat I owed
    Fruits to reap from the seeds I sowed

    Running towards the lab, clutching the coat in one hand
    Wishing I could change the teacher with Harry potter’s wand

    Lathes, microprocessors, turbines, computers all in the span of four years
    At the end, all the fears gone, left behind with joyous tears

    Those were years that I ask the God to repeat
    Ever nagging teachers and newer friends to meet

    If I had cherished those moments like never before,
    I would not have written this piece for sure
  2. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    They don't rhyme... atleast not in the way I pronounce 'wand'

    café and safe dont rhyme either! rhyming is abt words sounding similar, not looking similar!

    and i think u mean
    anyway, ur college life sound more like a strict school life, didnt u ever bunk classes?!
  3. zicky5608

    zicky5608 Power Shortage

    Yeap i wanted to say the rhymin stuff too it dont sound cool when 2 dont rhyme n others do...

    Otherwise the poem is good...u take good casual topics for ure poem :)

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