Coldplay - the scientist cover.

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    i see u're a newbie......but incase if u make any mistakes or such in ur posts press that little 'EDIT' button to fix them.......avoid creating same lemme listen to ur recording ;)

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    u need to do some Homework!!........dont try 2 add things!!.........but a good try!........itz always difficult to sing like coldplay :)
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    A very important thing to remember about singing Coldplay is that the singing is always very soothing and calm. I really am not trying to sound harsh here, but if i do end up sounding so, please forgive me.

    First off, take a step away from the mic. I am assuming you used a computer mic for this right? Some of them of some vocal effects going. They're pretty crappy, always avoid those.

    Secondly, Coldplay's biggest feeling comes from Chris Martin's falsetto or fake voice especially in Scientist. He has great control of it, and by singing it high without the falsetto makes the song sound forced. So try that.

    In the outro of the song you did try that. Maybe if you practice on holding the note it will come, and don't add the "yeahs" they sounds pretty forced.

    Remember Coldplay is always relaxed. Unless you're singing Politix or Clocks. He really kills it there!

    keep the faith


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