Classical Gas (sheet music)

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    Someone asked for these in another thread. This is the sheet music for Classical Gas by Mason Williams (also done later by Eric Clapton). It's a beautiful piece and worth spending a few days on learning.

    Clicking on the links will bring up a window which takes a lot of time. The best thing to do will be to right click--> Save Target as..... and then view it from your hard disk since you can then adjust the size accordingly. There are 3 pages:

    I don't think there can be any mistakes really except for minor ones because these are the "official" compositions.
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    Classical Gas

    Hey man,

    The last page of classical gas sheet music is missing or it won't open, I would deeply apreciate if you could upload it again xD. It's really really well written and easy to follow. Thanks!
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    @ bjr: I hope you got my Mail, cuz I really really need that sheet. Would you do that for me plz??
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    do me a favour. Once I send you the file, upload it on geocities and keep the link here. I'm tired of sending the 3rd page around and cant seem to be able to upload it on a slow connection.
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    hey bjr, do u still stay away from the chit chat lounge??
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    No. I'm posting on IGT whenever I'm home. I'm living in a place where I don't really have net access hence the absence.

    that and IGT isn't worth a visit to the cyber cafe.
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    ^^Very true.
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    @ bjr: theres no problem, when i received thet file i´ll upload it. Thank you for reply!
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    sent, best of luck.
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    I uploaded it on imageshack cuz i´m a member there, well anyways here you go:

    By Lactic_Doug
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    wow, 4 years ... and it is still there.

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