Classical and touchstyle-electric guitarist available

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    Okay, if someone wants a serious person to prepare stuff and gig with, I'm a

    1. Touchstyle electric guitarist
    To get what's touchstyle, here, see Stanley Jordan -
    and ZackKim
    for examples.
    Any band is fine, but I'd favor someone with a bassist and/or a drummer. I'm fine with both vocal and instrumental music, any genre, any language too (yeah Bollywood-pop is fine).

    I can also compose and compose well if required (though I prefer not to at this stage). I can also put down all your music in sheet music/Guitar Pro format if you wish, and I can create backing tracks in Reason and Ableton if you provide me with a suitable laptop.

    2. Classical guitarist
    I'm mainly interested for a violin-guitar duet, guitar duet, flute-guitar, harmonica-guitar, etc. Or even trios, quartets, and so on, anything goes.

    If interested, give me your number here/PM me for my number.
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