Classic Song Kingston Town

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    A very good performance man, very good vocals too, my compliments man!!
    A few tips, try not to uploading wav files, they are to big for most people to download, convert it first into a MP3.
    It would be better to upload your song on the soundclick page:

    Register for a free account and upload your songs in mp3 format!

    For a sec i thought you meant Kingston Town from UB40, thats a very good reggae song!
    Btw, this song i better known as Jamaica Farewell!!!

    Overall very good man, keep posting and take care!
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    Thnkzzzzz... u made my day today.....u r rite, i shd upload files in mp3 format...i hd gt a juke also....
    and i wil register in sounkclick soon...thnkzzzz.......
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    Jamaica Farewell

    jamaica farewell er akta bangla version ache (probably sung by monami mukherjee)...i heard it long back somwhere but couldn't locate it any where today.
    Can any one provide a download link for this bangla version (title of the song is "hae kone shudoor")

    Thanks !

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