Chura Liye (Yadoon ki baraat)

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  1. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    Hey Guys,
    I've een playing guitar religiously since a year now and convinced my home minister to allow my buy an electric guitar. :eek:) Just got my new thingy few days back and here's the first electric guitar recording I created. I'm still a learner and will appreciate any sort of feedback on playing or recording. :)

    Link to recording:

    Cheers and thanks.

    P.S. Sorry for typo in subject: I meant "Chura Liya"
  2. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    Hmm overall it was a nice attempt but i felt at some point you went out of sync. But you'll improve your way with time. Keep Rockin and posting.

    By the way i love GB style guitars :)
  3. purple_heyze

    purple_heyze New Member

    thanks for the feedback Pravas bhai... yes determined to improve, cheers :)

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