Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko [Original Scale]

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    Chura Liya [Orginal scale]

    Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko |Am|G|
    Nazar nahin churaana sanam |Am|E|
    Badalke meri tum zindagaani |Am|G|
    Kahin badal na jaana sanam |Am|E|
    Oh, le liya dil, oh haai mera dil |C/Am|C/Am|
    Haai dil lekar mujhko na behlaana |A|A|

    Stanza-2 [In Stanza2, note that you have Dm chord, you can reverify it by playing Dm scale]
    Bahaar banke aaoon kabhi tumhaari duniya mein |Am/Dm|C|
    Guzar na jaaye yeh din kahin isi tamanna mein |Am/Dm|Am|
    Tum mere ho, ho tum mere ho |C/Am|C/Am|
    Aaj tum itna vaada karte jaana |A|A|

    Repeat the same chords for stanza3

    Mukhtar Ahmed.

    Your comments are welcomed!!!

    WINNER New Member

    can u

    wats the strumming pattern for this.
    can u help me
  3. ahmed.mukhtar

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    Sure, the strumming pattern is simple. The beat name is 'Twist' which is a 4 timing beat:

    Down Down-Up-Down Down-Up

    Space means, have some pause in between.

    Hope you are able to pick up, or listen to the original song.


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