Chords Yedho Ondru from Laysa Laysa by Harris Jeyaraj

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  1. zee

    zee New Member

    hi i got this song one of good comp of Harris jayaraj i just got in a site i would like to share it with you all

    Song : Yedho Ondru
    Film : Laysa Laysa
    Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
    Scale : Am
    Ye dho on dru ye dho on dru un nai ka et paen
    Illai endral illai endral uyir thurapaen
    (Repeat previous line)
    Dm FM GM Dm
    Un paa dham na da kka nan poo kal vi ri paen

    Un dhaegam muzhukka than gathai padhipaen

    (Repeat previous line)
    Dm GM Am
    Ul la hi ul la hi la hi (2)
    Oru aasai manadhukkul podhum
    Adai mattum nee thandhal podhum
    (Repeat previous line)


    Nal la ma nam un pol ki da yaa dhu

    Nadri solla vaarthai enakaedhu

    (Repeat previous line)

    CM Dm
    O ru thai nee un sei nan

    CM FM Am
    in dha u ra vu kku pi ri vae dhu

    Thai madiyil seidhan varalaamo

    Thalli nindru thunbam tharalaamo

    unai konja manam kenja

    enai thaniyae vidalaamo

    (Repeat previous lines)

    Am GM Am
    Ku zhan dhai yum ku ma ri yen ra aa chu

    Konjidum paruvam poyaachu
    (Repeat previous line)

    Am GM GM FM
    Ma nam po lae ma gal vaa zha

    Nee va azh thum thaaya chu

    note :m stands for minor, M stands for major

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ post ur replys plz/////////////////////////////////
  2. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    pretty good chords!!!
  3. zee

    zee New Member

    thank you dude
  4. jey_dic

    jey_dic New Member

    Hi dude i love this song like any thing i got it thanks a lot.
  5. zee

    zee New Member

    thanks da macha
  6. parthasarathy

    parthasarathy New Member

    Right chords!!

    Zee can you pls give me some tips on how to identify the right chords for the still feeling it as wierd in finding out the correct chords for corresponding lyircs..
  7. zee

    zee New Member

    hey one question do you play keyboard this is simple it only needs practice thats all as the days go you will be very perfect in this (im not yet perfect still way to go)

  8. parthasarathy

    parthasarathy New Member

    OK Zee..i play both guitar and Keyboard( PSR295 ) you mean to say..if we keep playing chords for different songs we will get used to identify the right chords their any clues or tips or there any sites to get these..thanks for your response Zee..
  9. zee

    zee New Member

    experience and practice is the best one

    i learned the key board too but the indian clasical one wit all those raagas and all and the guitar the western but i find not that bad to figure out the chords since you play keyboard it should be a cake walk to check out the chords

    you do one thing before start playing the song with a regular normal strumming you play all the chords one by one all of them

    the major minor sharp and seventh chords as a round if u do this you will come to know the difference between the chord and will be easy to play and to shift chords day by day try to increase the speed of shifting the song

    ((dont forget to play the song along with the mp3 played and latter play it again to check the perfection))

    Cheers and may the joy of music be with YOU
  10. parthasarathy

    parthasarathy New Member

    Thanks Zee..

    Thanks a lot for your ideas Zee..i ll sure make this as a practice..i ll let you know my improvements..thanks a lot..and can i get the notes that needs to be holded for seventh chords..i mean for guitar and Keyboard..i heard that while holding a normal chord..we must press the seventh note along with the normal chord and that makes the seventh that true..

    I mean..for C major..we normally hold C E and if i hold the same C E and G along with B..will it make the C seventh..??try to help me my friend..
  11. zee

    zee New Member

    man i learned the keyboard INDIAN CLASSICAL one i can play any song just by hearing it but no idea abt the chords in the keyboard

    in guitar what you said may be correct but i play the seventh chords like this

    C7 G7 F7 E7 A7 B7 D7

    just check it out

  12. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    thanks for the chords, but i'm not sure in which word the songs must be played
  13. zee

    zee New Member

    to know which word starts the chord u sing along wit that you will come to know the difference in the pitch of the song which is corresponding to the song
    observe keenly to the song you figure it out by ur self

    Cheers have fun

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