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    Dear All,

    Posting the Chords for the Super Hit Song Vanithamani Vanamohini from the movie Vikram (1986), composed by our Maestro Ilayaraja...

    Song: Vanithamani Vanamohini
    Movie: Vikram (1986)
    Composer: Ilayaraja
    Singer: SPB & Janaki

    (F)Vanithamani vannamohini vanthu aadu..
    (F)Kaniyo kani un rusiyo thani kondadu..
    (F)Un kannagaloo thikki thikii paesuthadi
    (F#)En nenjilae thakadhimi thalamadi
    (F)Un kannagaloo thikki thikii paesuthadi
    (F#)En nenjilae thakadhimi thalamadi
    (F)vanthu aadadi..

    Charanam 1:
    (F)Aanaithavan ennkullae koolithavan
    (F)suvaithaval uyir varai inithaval
    (G#)Idhayam thathim (F)thathim thathim (Bb)poodath(F)aoo
    (G#)ILamai thanthom (F)thanthom endrae (Bb)paadath(F)oo
    (Bb)Vidiyum varai (Gm)mazhaiyo mazhaiyo (Bb)un kalaye kalai (F)kannaaa
    (Bb)Kalayin vagai (Gm)arium varai (Bb)udaiyae paakai (F)kannnaee
    (F)Konjinaa(G#)lam (F)minjinaa(Fsus4)lam (F)koodu (G#)thanda(F)thay

    Charanam 2:
    (F)Vidinthathu niram enna veLuthathu ohhh ohhh
    (F)Iravinil mannan vanthu veLuthathu.. ohhh ohhh
    (G#)Iravil chacham (F)chacham chacham (Bb)poodath(F)oooo
    (G#)Pagalil micham (F)micham micham (Bb)vaarath(F)ooo
    (Bb)Iravoru vidham (Gm)pagaloru vidham (Bb)paruvam padham (F)kannaeee
    (Bb)Sugamoo sugam (Gm)dinam oru ragam (Bb)ithuvai idam (F)enpeneee..
    (F)Nan thooda(G#)tha (F)paagam than(Fsus4)nai (F)thedral (G#)theendaa(F)thuuuuuuu

    Link: Vikram - Vanithavani ( Ragam Chakravakam) - YouTube
  2. rajeshguitar

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    Nice song selection and chords, Suresh.
    Thank you.
  3. SATHYA167

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    Where were you Rajesh.... You go missing often nowadays................ Sathya
  4. vs.suresh

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    Hey Rajesh, you still here... not seeing you nowadays... busy with your work or bored with our threads?? ;)
  5. rajeshguitar

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    Hi Sathya & Suresh,
    Apologies friends. As you guessed, been quite tied up on multiple fronts.
    Certainly, the interest has not gone down one bit on our threads.
    I have been reading through all the posts regularly, not able to try and post the comments.
    As always, Sathya's analysis and posts with wonderful tabs is appreciated.
    And, Suresh has turned a pro and your new posts, turnaround on so many requests is awesome.
    I have a lot to catch-up.
  6. Guitarsen

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    Sounds good Suresh, two changes I would like to suggest.

    1. (F)Konjinaa(G#)lam (F)minjinaa(Fsus4)lam (F)koodu (G#)thanda(F)thay
    2. Song is in E major scale. if you transpose the entire song in E, it will sound better.
  7. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Thank you Senthil.. will correct the same.... My mp3 is in F, any how i will post again in 'E'...
  8. pearlmaharajan

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    thanks guys... superb song... and Kamal Hassan really made this film a first time experience for the tamil fans who never saw a hollywood like movie.. the sniper views were all great... Ambika what a beauty she was.. in those days :)

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