Chords: Vaanengum Nee Minna Minna - Endrendrum Punnagai (2013) - HJ

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  1. Guitarsen

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    Link: Endrendrum Punnagai -Vaan Engum Nee Minna - YouTube

    My Version:

    (D)Vaanengum (DSus4)Nee Minna (DSus2)Minna(D)
    Naanenna (DSus4)Naanenna (DSus2)Panna(D)
    En (G)Enna Kinna(A)thil Nee (G)Ennai Ootri(A)naai
    Kai (G)Alliyae Ven (A)Vinnilae
    Yen (F#m)Vannam Maatri(DSus2)naai

    (D)Vaanengum (DSus4)Nee Minna (DSus2)Minna(D)
    Naanenna (DSus4)Naanenna (DSus2)Panna(D)
    En (G)Vaanavilli(A)lae Nee (G)Nool Parikki(A)raai
    An (G)Noolilae Un (A)Nenjinai Yen (F#m)Kokka Paarki(DSus2)raai

    (D)Oh Oh Priya (DSus4)Priya(D)...
    (Bm)Ithayathil Athirvu Neeya
    (G)Enathu Unarvigal (Gm)Thavam Kidanthathey
    (A)Tharai Vantha Varam Neeya
    (D)Oh Oh Priya (DSus4)Priya(D)...
    (Bm)Ithayathil Athirvu Neeya
    (G)Enathu Unarvigal Thavam Kidanthathey
    (Gm)Tharai Vantha Varam Nee(A)ya...

    (D)Pookal Illa (G)Ulaginilae
    (D)Pookal Illa (G)Ulaginilae
    Vaazhnthenae Unnai Kaanum (D)Varai
    Naan Indro (G)Poovukullae (D)Sirai
    Pen (Bm)Vaasam En Vaazhvil
    (F#m)Illai Endre(A)nae
    Un (Bm)Vaasam Nurai Eeral
    Naan (F#m)Theenda Kanda(A)nae
    (D)Møøchum Muttathaan Un Mael (G)Kaathal Køndaenae...(D)..
  2. SATHYA167

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    Nice to see you back in action.... Back with Harris's song. I just heard the song. Will try out ..... Thanks for posting.... Sathya
  3. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Yes Sathya, adding few more new songs and oldies for our band, Harris is always my pick for the new songs. Hence this one and MSV's ammaadi ponnukku thanga manasu which had drums beat in the sad version.
  4. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Hi Senthil..
    Nice to see you after a quite long time....
    Will try it out...
    Can you please validate the chords posted for Aasai adhigam vachu & Maalayil yaaro songs... Pls
  5. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Thx Suresh, I'll try ur version of aasai adhigam vachchu.
  6. Annieston

    Annieston New Member

    Hi... Tnx brother..
    i'll try and tell...
    Nice to c sum of u helping and making us happy
  7. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Now u have finally started incorporating suspended chords in ur postings..nice to see that you are slowly developing ur hearing ability(as per my suggestion)
    Gud Work senthil.really liked this time.
    carry on.

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