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    Dear All,

    Posting the chords for this lovely song Vaanaville Vaanaville from the movie Ramana (2002), composed by our Maestro Ilayaraja...

    Experts - Can you please verify these lines... (Em)unnOdu (A)nAnum... I am touching D & E notes, hence I hve selected Em...

    Song: Vaanaville Vaanaville
    Movie: Ramana (2002)
    Composer: Ilayaraja
    Singer: Hariharan & Sadhana Sargam

    (Dm)vAna(Dsus2)villae (Dm)vAna(Dsus2)villae
    (Dm)vanthathenna (Dm6)ippOdhu
    (Dm)aLLi (Dsus2)vandha (Dm)vaNNan(Dsus2)gaLai
    (Dm)yengaL nenjil (Dm6)nee thoovu
    (Dm)chinna paRavaigaL konji (A)paRakkuthae
    pattu (Dm)siragilAe pani (A)theLikkuthae
    adi (E)thAi thenRalae vandhu (A)nee pAdu ArArO..(Dm) O..O..

    Charanam 1:
    (Dm)yentha nAttu kuyilin kootamum pAdum pAttu onRu
    (Dm)yentha nAttu kiLiyin pEchilum konjum mazhalai uNdu
    (Dm)jAdhi en(A)na (Dm)kettu (A)vittu (Dsus2)thenRal nammai thodu(A)mA
    (Dm)dEsam ed(A)hu (Dm)pArthu (A)vittu (Dsus2)maNNil mazhai varu(E)mA
    (Asus4)unnOdu (A)nAnum (Asus4)ellOrum Or (A)sondham
    (Dm)anbuLLa uLLathilae

    Charanam 2:
    (Dm)engirundhu sondham vandhandhO nenjam vEdanthAngal
    (Dm)intha kootil nanum vAzhavae yERka vENdum neengaL
    (Dm)thAi paRa(A)vai (Dm)seigaLu(A)kku (Dsus2)ootuginRa uNar(A)vu
    (Dm)adhilthA(A)nae (Dm)vAzhgira(A)dhu (Dsus2)uyirgaLin azha(E)gu
    (Asus4)unnOdu (A)nAnum (Asus4)ellOrum Or (A)sondham
    (Dm)anbuLLa uLLathilae

    Link: Vaanaville vaanaville - Ramana (2002) - YouTube
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    Hearing these variations in the following lines..

    *(Dm)vAna(Dsus2)villae (Dm)vAna(Dsus2)villae (Dm)vanthathenna (Dm6)ippOdhu
    (Dm)aLLi (Dsus2)vandha (Dm)vaNNan(Dsus2)gaLai (Dm)yengaL nenjil (Dm6)nee thoovu

    *(Dm)jAdhi (A)enna (Dm)kettu (A)vittu (Dsus2)thenRal nammai thodu(A)ma
    (Dm)dEsam (A)edhu (Dm)pArthu (A)vittu (Dsus2)maNNil mazhai varu(E)ma

    *(Asus4)unnOdu (A)nAnum (Asus4)ellOrum Or (A)sondham
    (Dm)anbuLLa uLLathilae

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    Suresh & Jimi,
    Thank you, nice chords, tried it out and it sounds good with the sus chords.
  4. vs.suresh

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    Thanks Jimi... It sounds good with sus chords...
  5. pearlmaharajan

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    thanks Suresh brother and Jimi for a great song.
    will try it today and let u know.
    one of my all time fav one :)
  6. pearlmaharajan

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    That is just fantastic... Suresh sir. Great composition from the Maestro...
  7. pearlmaharajan

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    I asked for the chord's strumming
  8. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    someone please get me a pattern... great song.. sounds little low without matching strumming
  9. vs.suresh

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    Pearl, will give you by this week end...
  10. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Pearl, Check your FB msg....
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    boss can get kaho na pyar hai from movie ka hona pyar hai..kritick roshan chords western chords please
  12. satz.spb

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    Thanks for the post !!
  13. Snowman19

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    Lovely song and the soundtracks in general :) Went to this movie without much expectation, but as always best things happens at the place and moment we least expect. Quite difficult to get the guitar tabs. This is one of the best movies in contemporary of tamil film industry (Kollywood) and signature movie for the director (A.R.Murugadoss).
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    Any sense in this chords?

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