chords: tu hi meri shabh hai from gangster...

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  1. adityabajaj007

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    [Am]tu hi meri shab [Em]hai subha hai[F]tu hi din hai[Am]mera
    [Am]tu hi mera rab[Em]hai jahaan hai[F]tu hi meri[Am]duniya
    [Am]tu waqt mere li[G]yeeeee[F]main hoon tera lam[Am]ha
    [Am]kaise rahega bha[G]laaaa[F]hoke tu mujhse jud[Am]aa
    HALT..o o o o[G]ho ho
    o[F] o o o o [Am] o
  2. jim4u18

    jim4u18 New Member

    good work bro today i downloaded the song n heard it song is good chords r good everythin is rockin
  3. vishal01

    vishal01 New Member

    Not bad but some one else had posted chords for this it it was A Bm it was played only on these two chords.
  4. adityabajaj007

    adityabajaj007 New Member

    YAA BUT I GESS WITH THESE TWO CHORDS THE SONG WILL NOT sound gud man...although they are rite....anyways thanks guys n keep sendin new chords..thanks jim4u18...
  5. guitar19

    guitar19 New Member

    hi rocking man .,, its sound s good , i was playing the chord s u have given,its good gr8 job man

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