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  1. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member

    hey all,

    i am getting addicted to this site now... :shock: ...i log on before i leave for work i come home i log on asap..too bad net is not working at work now a days or else i be doing that only...i had one q to my new found do you guys fig out tabs for songs.. i really want to learn and i am damn serious... :eek:: ...i cant find my fav songs.. and its frustrating..many of them are here on site in chord forms but i dont play chords.. i love tabs :eek:: ...can any one tell me how to tab or how to fig out tabs from given chords...or if any one knows how to use GUITAR PRO s/w...thnks a lot...

  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    tabs r tabs chords r chords, chords to tab is many to many relationship.

    Chords are just a guide, they dont tell u what note u got to play and where..., they just give u the underlying harmony.

    but tabs are more definitive.. for a guitarist ie..

    So the question has no easy answer I can think of.
  3. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member


    thks a lot...can u tell me how to tab songs...

  4. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    if you want to know more about understand guitar tabs , then the gyuitar tab forum has some good threads like

    if your Q is, after I listen to a song, how to figure out what notes to tab, then the answer for that is to develop a keen ear, and relative pitch. Relative pitch is the ability to identify horizontal intervals, or in other words, if i sing sa followed by ga or pa followed by ni, the intervals between the 2 are the same. an ability to identify that is called relative ear. u can develop that even if u dont have one. once you do that, tabbing melodies will become easy.

    Hope this helps,

  5. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member

    hey jay,

    thks a lot yaar....that is what exactly i was talking about..i have read lots of articles on tabs on this site but non had what you just told me...realtive ear...and i just realised something.... :eek:: i posted this thread on wrong forum... :mad: on mah self..gosh...i hope adminn dun flip on this one.. sorry guys..humm i think i will give it a try...not that sure but will do so...thks once again jay..

  6. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    hey guyz,
    most of the tabs available on IGT are note by note translations.
    but do songs actually have the note by note playing on the guitar ???...
    coz the lead part that any song has these days is an improvised one ...not the original notes ... i hope i am clear to you all ....

    take care.
  7. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    its not difficult at all, i do not know what your background is.. indian or western, in any case try to notate/tab simple melodies.. first by trial and error, then when u feel you have the right notes, try to identify something in the song which u feel u can reuse from memory when u encounter it again in some other song.

    For eg say u have jana gana mana, and the song ek do teen

    now the first 3 notes of the 2 songs are same :p: sa re ga.. crude example.. :)

    but the concept works. if u take that concept to more advanced grounds, and to harmony as well (as opposed to melody), then one fine day you will find similarities
    of any new tune u hear with something else u already have in your database,

    U might then say - hey! papa kehte hain from QSQT has a similar Chord progression as .. Every breath u take by police.. (I VI IV V) or last kiss by pearl jam etc.

    from then on understanding and tabbing songs will become very easy... so just work on your listening. Its as important as playing and practicing.
  8. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    if i udnerstand u correctly, are u saying that tabs for vocal melodies are not available? I have seen some posts which give exactly that.

    thats how most indians usually start, play the vocal melodies of songs on any instrument. And it is not a bad place to start.
  9. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member


    i agree but the thing is tabs to me are just like humming the song.if i sing then i want to play the chords...right..yes you cant tab each and every note but its like diff ripples of water makes a wave kind of thing...i prefer tabs to chords.. so trying to fig out how to tab a song. still kinda lost but...jay here gave me a tip so going to try it out.. stil konfused about how to start... :eek::

  10. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    i meant ...that tabs for vocal melodies are mostly available and NOT THE IMPROVISED PARTS !!!....

    that's a good way to start but are these vocal translations actually used in songs ... that's my query ...

    anyways ....ur reply was quick man !!!..
  11. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member


    women here dude.. yah i m on net right now so i have kept the page open so i can look it up...well like i me its like humming a song..some of the tabs here have not only vocal melody tabbed but the music inbetween too..does it make any sense... :think: ...

  12. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member


    thks a lot yaar.. yah i m getting it much better now...:d its going in mah brains...i m going to try something tomm...btw..i m all about indian rocks.. from pop to classical.. i listen to every every bit of it.. just depends on what mood i am in..:) is sweet with music in it..

  13. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    as i said i do not know your musical background.
    assume u are starting from the scratch, u need to do the following.

    1> train your ears while listening to music. listen to good music, with lot of melodic content.
    2> get some basic music theory lessons, or read books.
    things like 7 notes in an octave, 12 semi notes , intervals etc.
    3> apply what ever u learnt doing 1 and 2 on some instrument. Now if u take lessons for an instrument, a good teacher will ask u to do 1 and 2 as well.

    Assuming u have basic skills of playing an instrument, say guitar, then u know how to play the major scale and minor scales at least... so now u can apply my trial and error funda on simple songs to get the melody going on the guitar...

    what i dont understand from your perv post is.. that from that post i get the impression that u know how to play the guitar, and u do have a good ear, u only need to know how to tab??
  14. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    u r right ... only some of the tabs have the improvised parts ... and haha ....i didn't notice ur id ..that says u r a girl .
    by the way ...where u from ?
  15. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    what do u mean improvised part?

    whats the point of tabbing improvised parts? even the artist wont play it the same way again if they r improvised..
  16. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member


    gotcha....m gona do that now..yah i m just starting out but guitar has been my passion from god knows when...i love music...and always surround myself with music..keep me sane at times.. :mad: ...heheh...
    yes i want to know how to i can play all mah fav songs...:)


    lol its ok yaar.. sub chalta hai...:) i think you are a guy.. ;)

  17. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    by improvised part, I mean the one other than the vocal translation .
    take any song ... the guitar solos are different from the vocal ones ... they go parallel with the vocals ..but they are absolutely different. coz it doesn't make any sense doing vocals and their translations together ....

    i used the word IMPROVISE , because at the time of composing, the composer has to improvise these parts ...
  18. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    I am guessing u r talking about indian music.
    what u meant was the actual accompaniment music and arrangement tracks.
    The composer never improvises them. In fact half the time in Bollywood, the composer doesnt even arrange!! did u know that? For example jatin lalit never composed the piano interlude in pehla nasha (loose copied from lionel richies hello)

    But Tabun da the arranger did that (so i heard from a bollywood singer) annu malic is another guy who never arranges i heard.

    But even the arranger leaves the minute details of the lead to the actual performer.
    Like Rahman didnt give each and every line and gamakka to guitar prasanna while recording july matham surely... anyways coming back to your Query..

    you will find actual arrangement music tabs for guitar even in this forum. Songs Like neele neele are present. When u think about it, there arent many guitar songs in hindi. and most of the time the cool guitar tracks are not prominent lead interludes.
    Which brings me to another important point,
    most of the tabs u will find are for interludes. More interesting stuff happens behind the vocals.. u wont find much tabulature for those.. i am afraid. U just use the chords as a guide and figure them out yourself i guess.
  19. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    hmmm ... interesting !!!
    but what about western music ...i mean what about the bands ??...
    now don't tell me that even they don't do the arranging stuff themselves ...!!!!
    consider even live stage performances by bands ... they do play those parallel tracks .

    hehe ...the admin has a work to do here ... we are discussing in the wrong place.
  20. well buddy u r not the only one addicted to this site njoy n b there for sunday

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