Chords :: The Wonders: Dance with me Tonight

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  1. amit82cse

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                    D    D7 
    Come on pretty baby 
                             D    D7 
    Put your little hand in mine 
    D                          G 
    Things are shaking on the dance floor 
                         D    D7 
    Everybody's feeling fine 
    Don't waste another minute 
    G7                  D 
    Step into the light 
    Come on and dance with me tonight 
    Tell your momma that you're leaving 
    Tell your daddy that we're gone 
    Tell everyone in Philadelphia 
    There's a party going on 
         E                                    G 
    Now move a little closer let me hold you tight 
    Come on and dance with me tonight 
  2. DrSaurabh

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    cool work.....reps for u..loved that movie :)

    EDIT: cudnt give u reps....spread reps...spread reps .........:eek::
  3. amit82cse

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    Thanks. But i am eagerly looking for some reps:)
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