CHORDS : Tere bina (TEZZ)

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    Hi folks, its a sweet and pretty simple song to learn. The song is in the key of D. The chords used in the whole song are only three : B minor, G major and A major. (Play barre chords)

    (Bm)Tere bina tere bina dil naiyyo lagdaaa...(G)aaa
    Mera (A)dil naiyyo lagda
    (Bm)Tere bina tere bina dil naiyyo lagdaa. .(G)aaa
    Mera (A)dil naiyyo lagda

    (Bm)Tu hi meri, hai zindagi
    Tu hi meriii, hai har khushi :)
    Tu hi merii(G)iii, hai band(A)giii
    The chorus consists of the same chords. Keep practising. U'll make it out soon. Regards :)

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