Chords + Tabs of over 350 hit songs....

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by kanhaiya91, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. kanhaiya91

    kanhaiya91 New Member

  2. Shanmukh

    Shanmukh New Member

    it is really fantastic....
  3. cooljeba

    cooljeba New Member

    sounds interesting.. downloading it right away!!
  4. rohan_strings

    rohan_strings New Member

    the link is empty Mr kanhaiya!!
  5. appubest

    appubest New Member

    Good Collection

    Nice Collection...Keep it Up!!! Thanks...
  6. tushki887

    tushki887 New Member

    mast collection hai boss
  7. g_dhruv

    g_dhruv New Member

    nice collection
  8. neontra

    neontra New Member

  9. adi00918

    adi00918 New Member

    gr8 job mate!!!
    thanks for the collections and keep up the good work
  10. neeraj_rah

    neeraj_rah New Member


    hi everyone
  11. upneja

    upneja New Member

    hi nice collection really liked it
  12. ssm

    ssm New Member

    Thanks and appreciate your efforts, downloading right away

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