chords [tabs and audio coming] for 'Tere Liye' from Veer-Zaara

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    hey guys,

    i have seen many posts on this song that are pretty wrong. in my opinion. i am no music expert so i cannot say, but the first chord is certainly C# minor and the melody starts on G#. this is undeniable. thus, the key is also C# minor [i think it is harmonic]. i have seen some in g minor and d minor and all this wild stuff and i just dont get it. listen to the song and play keyboard at the same time, you will not miss it. here are the chords, i will tab the melody and notes and stuff soon

    chords used:

    C#minor - C# E G#
    F#minor - F# A C#
    E major - E G# B
    A major - A C# E
    G#minor - G# B D#
    B major - B D# F#

    melody starts on G#

    Tere liye.... hum neh jeeyain

    C#minor F#minor

    har aa... soon jiye

    E major C#minor

    repeat i think

    dil mein magar
    C # minor
    jalte rahain
    A major
    chaahat aur tere.. liye
    G#minor B major C#minor C#minor

    i'm not sure about the part right after that yet
    i need to listen to it again. also F#minor9 sounds quite nice as does a variation on C#m or G#m at times, but i'm not sure if these are correct yet. i will get more on this, but you can take this as relatively right chords and everything

    hope everyone has fun playing this unbelievable composition with off the chart vocals. best indian love song i might have heard since ek ladki ko dekha. ek ladki ko dekha is so good because of lyrics though. this song has both


    please do give replies, especially music scholars who can explain some of the theory and reason behind it. i still need to develop much in this area. please reply, whether good or bad. feedback and reply is what a forum is about
  2. varmas11

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    whats wrong with you ppl ?
    is it not good? do you not understand?
    this is a forum
    feedback is neccessary...
    what a useless forum
    never ever got any useful advice or constructive criticism anyways
    i'm out
  3. arunrx

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    Cool.. relax dude.
    Don't get disappointed that there are no replies. 100s of people will browse the forum, take a printout and they play. They may not reply or comment amidst of their business.
    Even I was doing the same, played chords which were posted by other members and I didn't even reply saying thanks. First of all, it didn't strike me that I should thank for their effort.

    So, don't see on the replies. Count the number of views your post has gone. :)

    I haven't hear the song, else I could hv commented.

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