[Chords Submit]Chingari koi bharke - Kishore Kumar

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    ching[F#m]ari koi bharkay tu s[Bm]awan usay bhu[A]jay 
    sa[A]wan jo agan lagaye usay k[G]on bh[F#m]ujay 
    Same as previous part....
    pathjhar jo baag ujaray, woh baag bahar khilay 
    jo baag bahar main ujdray usay kon khilaaye ..
    [A]oh usay k[G]on khil[F#m]aaye 
    VERSE 1
    hum[F#m]se mat poocho kaise ma[Bm]ndir toota sapno ka 
    l[Bm]ogon ki baat nh[A]i hai , yeh qiss[G]a hai ap[F#m]no ka 
    koi du[F#m]shman thes lagay , tu meet jiya b[Bm]ehlay 
    ma[A]nmeet jo ghauw la[A]gay usay kon bh[F#m]ujaye
    [A]oh usay k[G]on khil[F#m]aaye 
    VERSE 2
    naa jaane kyaa ho jaataa, jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
    peete hain to jindaa hai, naa pite to mar jaate
    duniyaa jo pyaasaa rakhe, to madiraa pyaas buzaaye
    madiraa jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bujaaye?
    VERSE 3
    maanaa toofaan ke aage, naheen chalataa jor kisee kaa
    maujon kaa dosh naheen hai, ye dosh hain aaur kisee kaa
    mazadhaar mein naiyyaa dole, to maanzee paar lagaaye
    maanzee jo naaw dooboye use kaun bachaaye?
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    These exact chords have been posted before on IGT a long time ago...anyway if these are your own then well done... they are obviously correct.
  3. eliezer

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    I'm anew member to this site. a guitarist and singer from past 12 years . have tried playing this song for ages on the guitar never got the chords right !
  4. khushalbhadra

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    Thanks for these accurate chords. Keep posting them.

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