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  1. mukeshrathod15

    mukeshrathod15 New Member

    everybody I am mukesh rathod from gujarat baroda
    I have spanish guitar and playing chords but till date i am not sure about
    its exatct sound.

    For Example :

    when i play C major there is combination of C F and G so, i can't
    understand when playing C major which sound Identify because all strings sounds togather so please anybody have idea please tell me

    Mukesh rathod
  2. smartlku

    smartlku New Member

    Dear Mukesh,

    Nobody would be able to tell you how the chords sound it will come by practice and hearing too often.
  3. mukeshrathod15

    mukeshrathod15 New Member

    thanks for reply

    Dear smartklu

    thank a lot for reply me about sound of chords but do u have any chords practice routine
    so i can practice accourdinly please write me if you have any literature about its

  4. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    first of all i would point out for posting in the wrong forum,

    now ur question,
    it's true that when u play a chord all the strings ring together,u ask which one to identify...
    ans: u don't have to..

    play a C chord then an A chord, feel some difference??
    this is what u have to get used to,
    it will come eventually.. when u continue to play a variety of chords u'll start noticing the different tones..
    but it will take a lot of practice.....
    and don't stress on remembering the tone of a chord,
    just listen attentively..

    Now the most important thing,
    make it a habit to use standard tuning every time u play,
    by standard tuning i mean ,u shud use a tuner to do that

    try it out, i'll post sum tips shortly.

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