chords required for joe borowsky's "Is it you"

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  1. scorpsid

    scorpsid New Member

    hello friends! :) this is my first ever request... it's an awesome infamous English song... here's it's youtube link YouTube - ‪Is It You - Original‬‏ please check it out and provide me it's chords.

    thanks in advance :)

  2. soulvision

    soulvision New Member

    I found out how to play is it you.

    Its on capo2

    Hes playing:

    E5 D5 F#5 G

    so like 7th fret A string, 5th fret A string, 2nd fret E string and 3rd fret E string

    then the chorus is:
    Em C

    I think thats the whole thing. wicked tune also
  3. scorpsid

    scorpsid New Member

    thanks a ton man! :)

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