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  1. jimmy_page

    jimmy_page New Member

    can anyone help me out with ghulam ali's "chupkay chupkau raat din".....please include the strumming as well.thnx
  2. smack

    smack New Member

    here dude


    (Em)chupke chupke (D)raat din (C)aansu bahana (Em)yaad hain

    (Em)humko ab tak (A)ashiqui ka (D)woh zamana (Em)yaad hain

    (Em)tujhse milke hee(D)who kuch (C)Bebak ho jana m(D)era Em
    (Em)tujhse milke hee who kuch (D)Bebak ho (C)jana m(A)era
    (Em)muddatein guzarein (D)par ab(C)tak who thikana (Em)yaad hai,

    (Em)humko ab tak (A)ashiqui ka (D)woh zamana (Em)yaad hai
  3. swati_mltr

    swati_mltr New Member

    Can anyone giv d tabs of this song nd not the chords plz...

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