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    Lang - Malayalam
    Movie - Njan Ekananu
    MD - M. G. Radha Krishnan
    Singer- K. J. Yesudas
    Year - 1982

    Oh Mridhule...

    chords /Dm/%/ with notes below
    __-A_D_E_D_E_A_E___ =>  Notes
    G----7---7------------- X 2
    Hridaya muraliyil ozhuki vaa /Bb/%/

    chords /Bb/Gm/ with notes below
    _-Bb_D__F__E__D__F__-Bb_-Bb__D__F____G__+C__A__F__ =>  Notes
    {F} yamini {Bb} thann {F} madiyil mayangumee
    {F} chandrikayilali {Bb} yaan {Bb} manasu
    manasumai {Dm} chernnidaam

    Go to any p0*n forum and most of the stuff are so called MALLU. Search chord of any malayalam film song and u can hardly find one. Such a shame for all of us. Not many non-mallus know there are so many beautiful (good to play on guitar) songs and great MD's in Kerala. I think even AR Rahman started his career in Malayalam (correct me if i am wrong). The great Ilayaraaja considers MD Devarajan as his mentor.

    I have seen some stray request for Malayalam chords and tabs. Mallus don't even have a section here for posting chords. So I am posting here. I am not good at finding chords or guitaring. But I am trying. All of you check the chords and correct them with as much detail as possible. I hope all mallus will join and hopefully get a separate section for Malayalam songs. We will try to find out chords for the greatest Malayalam songs here. If u know any malayalam song chords, post here. If u know some guitarist who plays in a music troup covering malayalam film songs, request them chords. thx
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    thanks a lot man....
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    jozco.. thanks a lot :)
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    many many thanx! oh man atlast i find a good malayalam song tab!
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    I'm a guitarist playing with orchestras in Trivandrum and I could always help with malayalam song chords old or new through IGT or you can mail me @
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    Hi all..
    I am a newbie who has just started taking guitar classes.. but for sure, if im gonna post chords for any song in the future, i m gonna start with any 1 of our very own mallu song...
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    hi would is be possible if you could post some chords here ? Im a beginner and would love to play malayalam songs.

    cheers tc
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    Hi anil,

    can you please post here or email me tabs for some old malayalam songs

    Like nee madhu pakaroo etc..etc..

    thanks in advance

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    thanks a lot
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    thanks a lot

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