Chords: Raagangal Padhinaaru - Thillu Mullu 2 (1981 & 2013)

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    Superb melody composed by MSV in 1981. Now redone by in 2013 by YSR/MSV for Thillu Mullu 2. The original version was by the incomparable SPB. Thankfully the new version sung by Karthik doesn't sound like a crude remix. They've tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. The original movie however was a classic laugh riot directed by K.Balachander which I don't think any new remake can match.
    Here are links for both versions, 1981 and 2013

    (Fm)Raagangal (Ab)pathinaaru (Eb)uruvaana (Fm)varalaaru
    (Eb)Naan paadum (Fm)pothu arivayamma
    (Ab)Pala nooru raagangal irunthaale(Bbm)nna
    Pathi(Eb)naaru paada (Ab)sugamaanadhu
    (Ab)Pala nooru raagangal irunthaale(Bbm)nna
    Pathi(Eb)naaru paada (Fm)sugamaanadhu

    (Ab)Kalai maadhu thaan meettum idhamaana veenai
    (Bbm)Kanivaana (Eb)swaram paada (Ab)padhamaanadhu
    (Ab)Kalai maadhu thaan meettum idhamaana veenai
    (Bbm)Kanivaana (Eb)swaram paada (Ab)padhamaanadhu
    (Ab)Kalai maadhu thaan meettum idhamaana veenai
    (Bbm)Kanivaana (Eb)swaram paada (Ab)padhamaanadhu
    (Ab)Azhagaana (Cm)ilam pennin (Fm)meni thaan kooda
    (Bbm)Aadhaara (Eb)sruthi konda (Ab)veenaiyamma
    (Ab)Azhagaana (Cm)ilam pennin (Fm)meni thaan kooda
    (Bbm)Aadhaara (Eb)sruthi konda veenaiyamma

    Rajesh :music:
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    This is no doubt a nice song and nice film - a remake of 'Golmaal' (Amol Palekar). Yet a super hit in Tamil.... Thalaivar Padam... Sathya
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    Yes you are cent percent correct Rajesh... The ulitimate comedy combination of Super star and Theangai Srinivasan can't match with this new version.. hope so...

    Thanks for posting the chords...

    Keep posting...
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    People who remake films really getting it wrong.. they should take an average hit movie and try to get the best so that they can over cross it ... but now a days... what they do is they take the 'best' movie and try to do the most out of it. But how it is possible to beat the best ??? and the innocence of Theangai Srinivasan is just ultimate... that is not at all expected from the over acting of PRakash Raj !! and I dont have to compare RK and Shiva... where there is a gap between a peak and valley..
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    u always give the best MR so from malaysia and im ur fan!!!!! damn u are awesome
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