Chords: Pani Pani Re (Maachis)

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    Song: Pani Pani Re
    Film: Maachis

    Cm Gm Cm Gm G Cm
    Pani pani re khare pani re nainon mei bhar ja neende khali kar ja
    Cm Gm
    Pani pani in ghataoon ki taoonse uttar jana
    Cm Gm
    Dhuva dhuva kuch vadiyaan bhi aayegi gujar jana
    Bb ~C Cm Gm G Cm
    Ek gaon aayeega mera ghar aayega ja mere ghar ja neende khali kar ja
    Cm Gm
    Yeh rudali jaisi raaten jab ratoon me uttha dena
    Cm Gm
    Meri aankhon me jp bole meethe paki tum bhula dena
    Bb ~C Cm Gm G Cm
    Barfoon mme lage mausam pighale mausam hare kar ja neende khali kar ja

    ~ means slide down from Bb to Cmajor

    - Suggesstions are most welcomed

    - the chords have not been typed correctly, as I pasted from my website to view them correctly log on to:

    Sorry for the inconvinience
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