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  1. DrSaurabh

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    :confused: when playing a song how do i decide what variation of the chord to play and how many strings to leave do i give pre do i give a tremolo with out a tremolo bar....and hoe do i let notes ring.....and how do i play ghost notes...
    and could u help me out with the strumming pattern of duur.i just cant get it right........and what version of the chords do i use..i used the F# with barre on 9th fret. and B with barre on 2nd fret.....
    thanx............ :confused:
  2. jayanth

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    Dr. Saurabh..

    Firstly there are specific forums where your questions may be asked.. Dont think i'm rude.. It just increases the chances of being answered faster.. :)

    from your questions, I can guess yo uare pretty new.. When you play chords or rhythm in general, YOu use the position of a chord most comfortably reachable.. That is if you play the F chord in the first fret position, and the next chord is A, then you play an open A chord..

    Please read the tutorials on bending and stuff for more help with your other questions.. All these tutorials are present in teh Beginners q & A
  3. 6String_assasin

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    use chords that u find easy to play or easy to reach for a quick change...or just try diff ways to play the hords n decide on urself which suits u best..
    pre-bends? in short..just bend a string while muting it with ur right hand..i guess( i just dun know how i do it ???? i'll see myself n reply agin!) n then pick it while coming back down...n also chk out J's second link.
    for tremolos/vibratos: chk this out, mayb it'll b sum help..
  4. DrSaurabh

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    thanx people :)
    but that still leaves one Q do i play ghost notes...and the pre-bends........i mean the kind satriani uses in the top gun anthem..just cant get those...
    i havent had probs with any HOs or POs or bends, but the prebends are a prob....ghost notes have been bothereing me since the ones in GNRs knocking on heavan's door first solo......
  5. jayanth

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    Ghost notes will take a long time to lears.. Gotot and learn those Pinch and Touch harmonics..

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