chords on mouth organ.....

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  1. aka22_master

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    guys an gals..... i own a 24 reed tremolo don know how 2 play chords on it...if anyone here is competent enuf or has some idea abt it...plz put it up.....i will be along with it if u can plz also post some songs with their tabs..... thankyou....
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    Wrong forum! There's another forum for people who play instruments other than guitars...bummer. Here you go.
    And I guess if you know guitar and the chords/lead for a song, then its easy to play the song on another instrument...I learnt keyboard like that, playing guitar song chords on keyboard.
  3. aka22_master

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    well thanks 4 the advice.....i am aware ov the other forum u mentioned..but the place is as gud as i fancy a better chance ov getin a useful reply..... .anyway..blowin an instrument an playin an instrument are altogeter diffrent worlds..... i can surely tellu that....
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    for free mouth organ tutorial, and many english hindi songs notes of mouthorgan songs , you may visit

    songs like -
    Dil ne dil ko pukara
    Kuch kuch hota hai
    Hai apna dil to aawara
    Tune mujhe pechana nahi
    Kyun chalti hai pawan
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    wow...great site...but only 4-5 chords :(
  6. pranamya

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    new entry

    hi guys m new

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