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    hi here is the chords for the song 'O mor moyna go' by Lata mangeshkor originally. The song is tabbed by Souman Das(a member) so all credit to him. I am just posting it as he gave it to me. please do tell how it is. I havent tryied myself yet. I will do it as soon as i get around the chords which i dont know yet :p as i m kinda new.. :) anyway enough of talking and lets get down to business !

    o amar moyna go,o amar moyna goooooooo
    kar karone tumi ekla
    kar bihone bihone dibani se je utola
    se to asbena,se to firbena,firbena
    o amar moyna go

    dur dur dur dur pane anmone chahiya
    ki birager ragini ja gahiya
    sobuje sobuje bhora boroni
    furabe fagun bujhi janoni
    haire haire bujhi ta janoni
    o amar moyna go

    - by Souman Das
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    A few words..!!

    Souman left us i know that....i also left IGT sometimes back..due to some addled PM's that i got...mainly from HINDI section i know him personally very one of those guys who loves this instrument as much as life!! Regarding his tabs or two questions about it...

    This is a very nice song....i can post the TABS of this song also..the TABS are really really tough to play...but i should wait bcoz i think most of us here are not habituated with this sort of song anymore..if yes do let me know..i'll post the TABS....

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
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    hey arindam i'm an ardant fan of salil chaudhury numbers.. so wud u pls post some more tabs and chords of his numbers?? i'd personally like to get the chords of "pagol hawa"
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    Chords by Souman did not sound right. Youtube is a nice place to find correct guitar chords. So I got cue from this video: . Finally figured out the chords (omitted just one note played in the video because it sounded redundant).

    The original scale is in sharp. One can play it with the regular scale as well. In that case, remove all '#', and change the chord B to Bb. Just as an aside, is a nice site for transposing chords. JGuitar is a place to get the shape of the chords.

    "Moina Go", Music: Salil Chowdhury, Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

    ও মোর ময়না গো ও মোর ময়না গো
    D#m /G#m
    কার কারণে তুমি /একলা ?
    G#m /F#
    কার বিহনে বিহনে দিবা নিশি যে /উতলা ?
    F# /C#
    সে তো /আসবে না
    C# /D#m
    সে তো ফিরবে না /ফিরবে না
    ও মোর ময়না গো

    D#m /F#
    দূর দূর দূর দুর্ পানে আনমনে /চাহিয়া
    G# /B /D#m
    কি বিরাগের রাগিনী /যাও /গাহিয়া
    D#m /C#
    সবুজে সবুজে ভরা /বনানী
    C# /D#m
    ফুরাবে ফাগুন বুঝি /জানোনি ?
    G# /D#m
    হায়রে হায়রে বুঝি /তা জানোনি

    Same as above for the following verse.
    ঝর ঝর ঝর দু নয়ন ঝরঝর ঝরায়ে
    কেন থাকো, বিষাদে মন ভরায়ে ?
    যা কিছু হারায়ে গেল যাকনা
    নীল আকাশে মেলো পাখনা
    দাওরে দাওরে মেলে পাখনা

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