Chords of Nooru Janmaku Nooraaru Janmaku

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    My all time favourite male solo has been Rajesh Krishnan's Nooru Janmaku Nooraaru Janmaku from 'America America'..Please post the chords as well as strumming pattern[plz plz plz]..
    Mr looking forward to your reply eagerly
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    here is the link of the song for those who wanna hear as well as put up chords! transcends all boundaries n especially has no language barrier
    Nooru Janmaku nooraru America America Google Chrome - YouTube
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    One of the reasons I visit this site is to pick up good songs which I haven't had a chance to hear before. This is one of those. Nice one.

    (D)Nooru Janma(Gm)ku Nooraru Janma(D)ku
    (D)Nooru Janma(Gm)ku Nooraru Janma(D)ku
    (F)Olava Dhareye, Oli(Eb)dolidu Baarele
    (Bb)Nanna Atma (Cm)Nanna Praana (Gm)Neenen(F)du(Eb)uuu...

    Nooru Janmaku...

    (D)Baalenda(Gm)re Prana(D)yanubhaava(Gm) Kavithe
    (D)Atmaanu (Gm)Samdhana
    (D)Nenapenda(Gm)re Made(D)tilla Chaa(Gm)ye
    (Bb)Nannedeya (Cm)Bandaladi (F7)Oo oo (Gm)ooo
    (Bb)Nannedeya (Cm)Bandaladi
    (D7)Chittara (Gm)Baredavale
    (Cm)Suttyelu (F)Lokadalli
    (F)Matheyellu (Gm)Sigadavale
    (Cm)Nannolage (F7)Haadagi (D)Halidavale

    Rajesh :music:
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    good lord..thanks thanks thanks :)..thanks rajesh as always
    this song is a classic in kannada..n there is an interesting story behind this.the singer rajesh krishnan[who happens to be one of the most handsome man in kannada industry :p: n now an actor as well..] was approached for the song.the day of the recording came n as he started learning the song for recording ,he was so mesmerized by its tune n lyrics [the meaning is such! omg]that he told the music director he wanted to make it the best song of his he asked him some time so that he could come n deliver the best.the director happily agreed n after few days what eventually was recorded is the best song of Rajesh krishnan's career till was also the debut movie of music director mano murthy who rocks kannadiga's music world these days.Each song of the movie is a classic in itself..the movie is a national award movie..with our n of course tamilians unforgettable actor Ramesh arvind's immortal performance..:rock:
  5. komal29

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    there was a bit mistake in the lyrics..corrected it..its malebilla chaaye! ..:)

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