chords of "koi na jane" from "hijack"

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  1. shimpy

    shimpy New Member

    rhythem: 16 bit

    D G
    koi na jane kya hoga kal
    D G
    kaise honge ane wala pal-2
    duba sawera ho
    chaya andhera ho
    G Bm C D
    moula dikhade rasta a a

    M tring to get rest of the song......
    correct me if m rong......
  2. gurtej singh

    gurtej singh New Member

    i m gurtej!!

    can u tell me what is rhytm 16 bit as im new in guitar so dont know
  3. shimpy

    shimpy New Member



    C A#
    kaise honge ane wale pal

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