Chords of Asman ke by KK

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  1. John_lennon

    John_lennon New Member

    Hii can any body post d chords of asman ke sare taree by KK . I use d Bm scale but itz not d originla one. plz some one post it plzzzzzzz
  2. swap_mis1084

    swap_mis1084 New Member

    i too needed them badly nd also of humsafar from same album
  3. waxas

    waxas New Member

    real ez song to play just two chords all the way.
    Gm F
    Aasman k hai sare tare
    Gm F
    hai mera chand kahan

    same all the way but you have to be good with struming to really rock
  4. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    i think there is a Cm somewhere.
  5. John_lennon

    John_lennon New Member

    Dont u think d sequence should be like dis................Gm , F , D# , F
  6. ron_rockz

    ron_rockz Guitarist

    i already submitted d chords guys..........plzz check 'em out!!!!!

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