Chords of Akelea hain Tho kaya gam hai (QSQT)

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  1. rajesh_puru

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    Hi Guys,
    I have changed the chords given by a previous post to suit the actual song. Give me your opions after trying this.

    Em G
    Akelea hain
    Tho kaya gam hai

    B# D Am Em Am
    Chahain tho hamarain bas main kaya nahi

    C Em
    Bas eak zara

    C Em
    Saath ho tera

    Em C
    Terea tho hain hum

    Em C
    Kab se sanam
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  3. rajesh_puru

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    wow jozko..that was a real one by jayaswami..cheers to him...that sounded real good..thanks for the tip..i suppose when i searched the forum i couldn't find it since the initial thread didnt' have a proper name QSQT
  4. jozko

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    Absolutely top stuff from him.
    Glad that it helped. . You also tried well. Much better than blindly following chords. keep it up,rgds
  5. rajesh_puru

    rajesh_puru New Member

    thanks once again buddy

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