chords of " aaksar " by shann

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  1. raj_aryan

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    by::::::::::::::::::::: raj

    :mad: :beer: :cool: :rule: :rockon:

    Verse 1:

    [E] Aksar kyun [D] yun lage
    [D] Ki tum koi [E]aur ho
    [EHum tum jahan [D] they mile
    [D] Woh guzra hua [E]koi daur ho

    [E]Aksar phir [A] youn lage ki tum meri [E] jaan ho
    [E] Tumse meri [A] zindagi tumhi meri Pah[E]chaan ho

    Chorus 1:
    Ak[D]sar ..did hi dil ak[E]sar
    haan tumhe [D]soch kar didl hi dil ak[E]sar

    Verse 2:
    E]Aksar dil ko [D]hai gila
    Ki Tumse mujhe [E]kya mila
    [E] Meri zindagi mere [D]pyar ka tumne diya [E]kya sila

    [E]Phir kabhi jab ka[A]reeb se main khud to dekh loo [E]agar
    Dil ke aai[A]ne mein bas tum hi aao[E]gi nazar

    Chorus 1:

    Verse 3: (most beautiful part of the song)

    [E]Aksar ek sa[D]waaal sa
    Mere zahan [C]main uthe
    Hum tum gar bi[D]chad gaye
    Honge kaise [E]silsile

    [E] Ghabra ke is kha[A]yal se
    Main tumse phir li[E]pat gaya
    [E] Tum ho to [A] main bhi hoon
    ab tumse main jaa[E]on kahan

    [D] Tumse...jaaon main ka[E]han
    Haan tumhe [D]soch kar...Dil hi dil ak[E]sar

  2. nishantsaran

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    please stop plagiarizing...if you want some points..ask for it...and i will donate some to you...but donot ridicule the effort made by lot of people (including myself) by trying to pass these off as yours...

    it would be good if you actually took the trouble of tabbing a will make a better guitarist of you...

    :annoyed: :shock:
  3. raj_aryan

    raj_aryan Moderator

    good i like ure attitute.. it is good...
    but how can u b so sure that am passing the chords made by others..???????
    it may pricks u,, bt thnk of those who will get help from the chords...tht will chill ure temper.. :eek: :eek:
    ok ???????
    so trying to post some good chords and help others,, rather than giving silly idiotic comments on other's deeds

    god luck
  4. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    well said raj, some people need to be put in their place....
  5. nishantsaran

    nishantsaran New Member

    Oh Dear!!!

    buddy i know you are plagiarizing because you copied the chords from my blog...i have posted the chords for the same at my website...and even made a post on this site about the chords there.....

    in case you didnt realize the link from which you got these chords

    is my webpage... it is the same place from which you got these chords...even the words (most beautiful part of the song) have been copied....

    so please stop acting saucy as if you have tabbed this song....and get yourself some good teacher who can actually teach to tab songs...

    plagiarism isnt going to take you very far
  6. Arindam.Ray

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    Absolutely Correct !!

    Hey nishant,
    You're absolutely correct.This guy is allover the place[rather NET]!!!!
    Iam not sure about all the tabs by him....but surely about "Saagar jaisi aankhonwali" , "Neele Neele Ambar" & "Humko sirf"...
    Raj...Iam not disadmiring your workings! Don't take it that way! But take my advice [it will make a good/excellent guitarist out of you] harm in gathering Tabs from different sites...then play it yourself...then tune your guitar in scale "E" the cassette/CD on your music system...and play the tabs that you got while the music is ON.Then you will b able to find the missing/wrong tabs [if any]. By stealing others workings..and submitting here is really helpful for others..I admit that too!!...But submitting these tabs/chords by your name is "NOT GOOD FOR YOU"...people may call u a "THIEF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam sure you won't like this! Nobody does...[/FONT][/COLOR]

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