Chords: Netru Illadha Maatram - Pudhiya Mugam - ARR

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    Not sure if this has been posted before. If not, here it is.

    Netru illatha (A7)maatram (D)ennadhu?
    (D)kaatru en kaadhil (A7)edho (D)sonnathu
    ithu thaan (G)kadhal enba(A)dha?
    illamai (D)pongivita(G)tha?
    idhayam (D)sindhivita(C)tha?
    sol mana(A)me...

    (D)Kadavul illai end(G)ren
    (Em)thaayai kaanum va(A)rai
    (D)kanavu illai end(G)ren
    (Em)aasai thondrum va(A)rai
    (D)kadhal poi endru (Em7)sonnen
    (D)unnai kaanum va(A)rai

    Rajesh :music:
  2. SATHYA167

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    Whether it is posted earlier or not, the song is a super one and thanks. Will try these chords........ Sathya
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    Nice song with simple chords...

    Keep posting.
  4. Guitarsen

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    I remember, the chords has been posted before. Will try.
  5. Guitarsen

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    I remember this was the first album released with lyrics on the cassette cover, start of the revolution.
  6. myrules

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    Strumming pattern for this song is DUDU 4 beats per second.

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