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  1. vini

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    Hindi Song Title: Neela Aasmaan So Gaya - Female
    Hindi Movie/Album Name: SILSILA
    Singer(s): LATA MANGESHKAR
    Scale:E maj ( u can try one step down as well)
    Note: Do check the attachment to know exact chord changing positions in song

    E B (C#m for ho part)
    Neela aasmaan so gaya ho
    E B E
    Neela aasmaan so gaya

    E B A E
    Aansuon mein chaand dooba raat murjhaayi
    E B A E
    Zindagi mein door tak phaili hai tanhaayi
    E B
    Jo guzre ham pe woh kam hai
    E B E
    Tumhaare gham ka mausam hai
    Neela aasmaan so gaya -2

    E B A E
    Ho, yaad ki waadi mein goonje beete afsaane -2
    E B A E
    Hamsafar jo kal the ab thehre woh begaane
    E B
    Mohabbat aaj pyaasi hai
    E B E
    Badi gehri udaasi hai
    Neela aasmaan so gaya ho
    Neela aasmaan so gaya

    heard this song on tv yet again some time thought of working out the chords..the version im posting here is female one.. u can try it out with male version too ( Aasmaan So Gaya - Male.html )

    In the starting C#m is used only for Ho part otherwise chords are just E B E.


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  2. hey vini can u post the strumming pattern..
  3. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

    Hey Vini ,
    I simply love this song , and thanks for putting it up as a txt download. I think its so much more convenient to share chords.
    way to go!
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    only 1 reply/feedback

    check the attachment..this is the way i strum this one..if u dont think this pattern suits the song then u can do it the way u want! :)

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  5. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    havent tried it yet.
    but it looks fine..
    wld check and comment later!
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    yeah,,plz do
    u can check it out in both D and E scale
  7. yup...good one...vini... btw "<3" what does it mean...
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ doesnt "<3" look like a heart to you? :)
  9. gnr311982

    gnr311982 New Member

    hey thanks a lot. one of my girl friend's favourite song

    thanks again
  10. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ^ ur welcome!

    @ ansh
    post ur feedback here,wont u?
  11. rudester

    rudester New Member

    hey man, thanks for putting up the chords. Now, for a favour....for all those like me (at least I'm hoping that there are others!) who can't play chords, but prefer the tabs, is it possible for you to tab the song out??? I'd appreciate it.

  12. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    you have to learn the chords sooner or later..right? anyways cant promise, but will try to tab if im free
  13. rudester

    rudester New Member

    chords? Nah...tabs work just fine for me. I just can't seem to hear the song when I pay chords, but with tabs, it sounds like the song, and so I like playing it....does this make sense? I'm pretty new to guitar, so easy does it i guess.....btw, is there a way to tab songs from chords??? HELP!
  14. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    u have to sing the song if u have chords.

    Tabs are useless in my words.
  15. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    no..u think it does?

    Yes..u need to learn chord theory properly. and u cant get away w/o learning chords. The reason why when u play chords it doesnt sound like the song--

    1-what arnold said
    2-make sure ur playing the chord in the position is correct
    3-is ur guitar tuned?? if ur guitar isnt tuned then while playin tabs it might sound better to u but chords would sound make sure u get ur guitar standard tuned.

    for all ur queries, try searching beginner's Q&A, it has loads of threads to helps newbies.

    thats all my patience allows me to say.Bye!
  16. vivgup

    vivgup New Member

    Can chord A in the antra be played half a beat earlier ?
  17. rudester

    rudester New Member

    hey guys... Still wondering if i can get tabs to this song. I know ppl here have tried to basically say that chords are better than tabs... and they may be right. All i care about is what sounds good to me, and I'm not too proud to ask for help with something.
    so, once again, can anyone help with tabbing Neela Aasman,
    and also, is there a technique to tabbing the song from chords??

    many thanks
  18. imkismat

    imkismat New Member

    i need tabs 4 this song plz post me im new learner

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