Chords: Moongil Thottam - KADAL

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  1. roentgen

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    Nice song by ARR. Do you guys find this song similar to 'Nenjukulle' from the same movie?


    (B7).. (Em)Moongil (CM7)Thottam (D)mooligai (G)vaasam
    (Em)neranja (Bsus4)mounam (B7)nee paadum (Eb-aug)geedham
    (Em)pournami (CM7)iravu (pournami (D)iravu), pani vilum (GM7)kaadu
    othayadi (C9)paadha un kooda (Am)podi(D)nada

    (D)Idhu podhum (G)ennaku (Am)idhu podhu(D)mey
    (G)verenna (C)venum (B7)nee podhu(Em)mey (2)

    (C)Moongil (D6)Thottam (G)mooliga (Em)vaasam
    (Bm)neranja (Bsus4)mounam (B7)nee paadum (Em)geedham

    Kolathaan (D)karaiyila (G)kulikkum (D)paravaiga
    (G)Siraga (Am)ulathumey (D)thuliga (C)therikkumey
    Munkobam (D)viduthu (G)mundhaana (C)yeduthu
    (D)nee enna (C)thudaika (G)naan unna (C)anai(G)kka

    Rajesh :music:
  2. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks Rajesh. Which one to take as the root chord? B or E Minor? -- Sathya
  3. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    I think its Em.
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks. Looks also like that only................. Sathya
  5. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Heard both the songs - Both are good to hear. Not able to find the similarity between the song. Nenjukkulle seems to be at a higher scale. I am not so sure.............. Sathya
  6. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    I heard this song once again after seeing the chords and started liking it.
  7. danyprasad

    danyprasad New Member

    tell the strumming pattern plzeeee
  8. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Nice song Rajesh....

    Bit difficult to play the rhythmic chords in guitar
  9. ashok_15189

    ashok_15189 New Member

    Nice chords to play this song....

    well done roentgen.....

    and moreover

    ARR done a super songs, name is Adiye in same movie (Aaromale clone)has fulfilled with four main chords

    thats are : D7-G7-Bb7-A

    i like this songs, Do you like this?...
  10. WatchingYou

    WatchingYou New Member

    Isn't there another chord before Kulikkum (G)?

    Wonderful song :) :)
  11. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    You are right WatchingYou. The line actually starts with a simple D(!!) and goes on to G like you say.
    It should be like this: Kolathaan (D)karaiyila (G)kulikkum (D)paravaiga
    I've corrected it above.
    I guess ears deceive after a period of intense listening.

    Rajesh :music:
  12. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    @Ashok - just listened to Adiye....yes it's different - like a slow rock and roll genre.
    Like many ARR songs, will need to listen a few more times before getting a feel of it and liking it.
  13. WatchingYou

    WatchingYou New Member

    Very true!
  14. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Thank you, Rajesh. Very nice chords.
    Thanks WatchingYou as well.

    Adiye song is good as well.
    What is the genre of music, is it Gospel Soul?


  15. WatchingYou

    WatchingYou New Member

    Adiye is more like Jazz/Blues. The singing is exemplary! :) Anbin Vaasale and Chithirai Nila are awesome too. This album specializes heavily on vocal harmony and chorus :) Loving it!
  16. vinodronold

    vinodronold New Member

  17. WatchingYou

    WatchingYou New Member

    I think roentgen's version is much more accurate.

    But somehow I am not satisfied with some of the chords.. Especially the (Bm) in the chord variation of the pallavi, and (Em) and other places.

    I think the initial chords (before the song starts) are actually run on a loop throughout all the "Moongil thottam" lines. For the first two times, the chords are the same. After the "Idhu Podhum" part, when "Moongil Thottam" is sung again, the same chords are played one bar early (which sounds like a chord variation but isn't). Only the C's in some places are interchangably played as CM7s.

    Here is my version:

    (G) | (D) | (C) | - |
    (B7) | (Em) | (C) | (D) |
    (G) | (C) | (Bsus4) | (B) |
    (B7) | (Em)
    Moongil (CM7) Thottam (D) Mooliga (G) Vaasam
    (C) Neranja (Bsus4) Mounam (B) Nee paadum (B7)Geetham
    (Em) Pournami (CM7) Iravu (D) Pani Vizhum
    (GM7) Kaadu.. Othai adi (CM7) Paadha... Onkooda (Bm7) Podi Nada.. (D)

    (D) Idhu Podhum (G) Enakku (Am) Idhu Podhu (D) me..
    (G) Verenna (C) Venum (B7) Nee podhu (Em) me..

    (C) Moongil (D) Thottam (G) Mooligai (CM7) Vaasam
    (Bsus4) Neranja (B) Mounam (B7) Nee Paadum (Em) Geetham.. (D7)

    I BGM:

    (G) | (D7) | (G) | (Am) |
    (D) | (CM7) | - |
    (D) | (G) | (Am) | (Bm) | (C) | (G) | (CM7) |

    Kolathaan (D) Karayila (G) Kulikkum (D) Paravaiha
    (Bm) Siragu (Am) Ulathume (D7) Thuliha (CM7) Therikkume..
    Munkobam (D) Viduthu (G) Mundhanai (Am) Yeduthu
    (Bm) Nee mella (C) Thudaikka (G)Naa unnai (C) Anai(G) ka..

    Last Moongil Thottam:

    This part is brilliant. Now the vocals for the first stanza are sung by Harini one bar later than Abhay. In the pallavi, the chords were first played right, and then one bar early for the second time. Now, the chords are now both right and one bar early!

    ..... (-) Nee Podhu (B7) Me...
    (Em) Moongil (CM7) Thottam (Moongil)(D) Mooliga (Thottam)(G) Vaasam (Mooliga)
    (C) Neranja (Vaasam)(Bsus4) Mounam (Neranja)(B) Nee paadum (Mounam)(B7)Geetham (Nee Paadum)
    (Em) Pournami (Geetham)(CM7) Iravu (Pournami)(D) Pani Vizhum (Iravu..) (GM7) Kaadu.. Othai adi (Panivizhum kaadu) (CM7) Paadha... Onkooda (Othayadi Padha)(Bm7) Podi Nada.. (On kooda) (D) (Podi nada)

    What do you think?
  18. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    Wonderful chords Rajesh..Thanks as always..
    Yes! the very first time i listened to it,i found similarities in the song and guessed the chords must be almost same..

    Komal :)
  19. krishna2

    krishna2 New Member

    Thanks very much for the chords. What is the key of this song? Em or Gm (just my guesses)?
  20. cibhin

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